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    2014 JSW TDI 6MT Timing Belt Interval

    Car has 122k miles and VW info suggests change timing belt at 130k. My trusted local shop is concerned about going that long. Any advice?
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    '14 JSW, TDI, MT6 (post fix) DPF replaced at 85K miles, extended warranty

    Recently the "glowplug" error light came on while on the interstate. I pulled off at an exit, shut it down and got out the owners manual. Seems the glowplug light also means engine controller problems. Restart, and the light is off, for another 100 miles or so. Next the glowplug light and...
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    For sale RCD-510, $135

    Sold! RCD-510, $135 Great shape, removed from '14 JSW when I installed navigation. With code. Supports rear view camera.
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    Vw rns-510 $325

    This is a great condition used US spec. VW RNS-510 HD Radio/DVD player/SD card reader/GPS Navigation system. Part number is 3C0 035 684C. It comes with the security code, SW (software version):1140, a GPS antenna, the latest V11M (8407) maps. Note: May require coding with VCDS to work with your...
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    Auto-Polar PF3 on post fix '14 JSW TDI MT6

    It works fine, and I would not want to be without it. I'm running firmware version 0.5.5b9. How to determine when a newer firmware version is available? 1. Do they email me a heads up? or, 2. Does Auto-Polar announce the new version on their website? or, 3 Do I have to plug the PF3 into a...
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    VCDS 17.8.1/Engine/Measuring Blocks/Basic Settings/Dropdown/No Documentation Avail

    Changed the fuel filter on the '14 JSW MT6 TDI, and need to prime the filter prior to starting the engine, so get out the Vagcom (Hex/Can), turn on the ignition, connect Hex/Can. Goto Engine/Basic Settings and the drop down list where I would choose "fuel supply pump activation (or similar) is...
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    Factory Window sticker available?

    The last several used cars I've bought had a gift in the owner's manual, the folded up window sticker showing options, color, MSRP, EPA fuel economy... Is there any way to regenerate that? I sure would like to have it on my '14, JSW TDI MT6, no roof
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    '14 JSW, TDI (under) seat tray installation puzzle

    '14 Jetta Sportwagen, TDI, VW-Tex upholstery, no roof, power recline ONLY seats. I bought a set of underseat trays (drawers, storage bins, etc.) off of a turn in. I removed the passenger seat and tried to install the screws in the underseat braces, only to find there are no threaded holes! The...
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    Grocery Hook for Sportwagon?

    I bought a "turn in' grocery hook, and ECS Tuning notes it can be for Sportwagon, as does VW. ECS pix all show how to mount it for sedan, nothing for Sportwagon. Anyone got any pix or ideas for where to mount it?
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    '14 JSW TDI MT6, jammed filler neck flap

    On a recent trip, I needed fuel on the interstate, late at night, a couple hundred miles from home, and the low fuel light was on. Pull in, get ready to fuel. I could not get the small nozzle (NOT the truck nozzle) in the filler neck, as the flap in the filler neck would not allow the nozzle to...
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    S/W upgrade for infotainment needed?

    I have a '14 JSW, TDI MT6, with Premium 8 radio, backup camera, BT, multi-function steering wheel, voice calling... Does any of that need a S/W upgrade from time to time? If so, how would I know, and where would I get it done, dealer, web download or?? How do I determine the S/W version in...
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    WTB Jetta VI ('14) Sportwagon Splashguard set (F&R)

    Anyone got a set on a sell back car? OK, so its a longshot.
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    Owner manual for 2000 Jetta FS $50

    When the red Jetta was totaled (no one injured) the owner manual got misplaced, so it did not go with the car (now reborn). The manual is in good condition with black jacket, monsoon radio insert, & origional EPA window sticker (price was 18,700 msrp, with options 20,700$) , & quick reference...
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    What oil spec for '96 B4V TDI?

    Amsoil now offers oils that conform to VW 504/507 (low SAPS), 502/505 (mid SAPS) & 502/505 (full SAPS), which to choose & why?
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    Passat B4 rear seat latch bolt sleeve gone

    Recently I was latching the rear seat back in place and the nylon anti- rattle sleeve on the bolt split, broke in half and flew off. Now the seat back rattles, metal to metal when driving on rough roads. I can replace the whole bolt from VW for $28. Is there a better solution? Also looked...
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    '96 B4V TDI bit of oil in intercooler

    Symptoms: I get occasional smoke puff after running a minute or two (pull out of drive way, turn the corner, seems to be on trailing throttle coming to a stop). Recently the vertical short rubber hose (2") long just behind the battery is quite wet with oil, and the oil has dripped down the...
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    B4 clutch pedal intermittant won't return up

    This morning as I was backing out of the driveway, the clutch pedal felt a little funny (165K miles on first clutch), and did not return to the up position, so I reached down and pulled it up with my hand. This happened several more times getting out of the neighborhood, and then seemed to be...
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    2000 Jetta TDI totaled, anyone interested?

    Older daughter was in heavy traffic in Birmingham, AL, was inattentive and rear ended a car (or two, or 3). She was not hurt, just shook up and a bit sore, and no one else was injured. The airbags did not deploy, and there were no trouble codes showing before the crash. The result was that...
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    2000 Jetta TDI clutch pedal squeak

    Older daughter is complaining about the clutch pedal squeaking every time she presses or releases it. I rode with her today, and it seems to be a mechanical squeak, inside the car, and pretty annoying. Any advice? What do I lube or replace?--george
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    '96 B4 TDI low power, won't rev.

    I've had the problem for a while, and replaced the mass airflow meter with a reman from the parts house (both were Pierburg), and had the intake cleaned, and all the rubber air hoses replaced, but it still won't rev past 2500, and its quite slow to get there. My local shop ran out of ideas (no...