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    What should i pay for this 03 wagon?
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    FS: 2004 .:R-TDI — 4motion PD150 TDI in R32!!

    I think I could still bring this to California under the special builds section of the smog exemption. What has your average mpg been ?
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    Bay Area Meetups?

    Yesssssss finally I can show off my awd wheelies I’ve been practicing
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    Fuel everywhere soaked into the hood

    Fixed The bolt that holds the feed line at the top of the injector was not even hand tight what is the torque spec on that nut been wanting to try my new digital snap on 1/4 inch torque wrench
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    Fuel everywhere soaked into the hood

    Thanks! I got it sorted Loose injector line bolt
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    Fuel everywhere soaked into the hood

    I’ve scoured the forums for a fuel leak problem similar to mine and have come up with nothing Diesel is all over the engine and the underneath of the hood dripping it seems like it’s an injector. Where should I start? I basically made it home and shut it down
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    WTB- Skidplate 00-alh / also need smf clutch kit

    preferably aluminum but im flexable, also looking for a new smf clutch kit if anyone has one (new) laying around
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    Parting: silver 2002 Golf 4dr TDI 5sp

    how much for the winshield ? i broke mine stuffing boxes in and they slid forward and hit the rearview and broke the glass :/
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    wanted - Jetta mk4 glass lens

    the ebay glasses are $40 bucks for a pair, dont know if they are any good though
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    FS: KII-usb Ross-tech VCDS cable

    im thinking... would i ever need anything more than this for regular maintenance timing belt, fuel injection timing ect? what did you upgrade to ? does it have more features? i have an airbag light on now :(
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    What's the best LRR tire for 10 TDI?

    I found a good set of these from an i3 at the junkyard for cheap. Whats the dimensions for the adaptors so i can have a machine shop make me some, who did you use ? Im wondering how they will affect my speedo 2000 golf gls tdi ?70mpg or im pushing it off a cliff.