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    A/C intermittent on 1998 Jetta

    I have a very weird and annoying intermittent issue with my HVAC. Sometimes it works perfectly fine, AC is cold, all blower speeds work, etc. And sometimes it stops working correctly and does this... Fan speed 1 lights up the AC button and engages the AC compressor, but does not run the fan...
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    Incorrect temperature readings

    My coolant temp readings in vagcom are incorrect. After the car sits overnight, the report engine temperature is between 95C and 100C, this is clearly wrong. The temp value slowly wanders up and down. If I unplug the black 4-pin sensor on the top coolant hose that's right on the engine outlet...
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    98 Jetta with high idle

    Hello I just bought a 98 Jetta that has some mods from the previous owners. It has Bosio DLC 1019 nozzles, a rocketchip RC3 tune, and EGR delete. I'm not sure exactly what else has been done to it. It is idling around 950 RPM hot or cold, it's always the same. Using VCDM, it appears the...