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    NMS Parking Brake Cable

    Has anyone replace a parking/hand brake cable on a 2015 Passat? The maintenance manual does not indicate what has to be removed from the vehicle to access the cable so it can be replaced.
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    NMS Front Fender Liner

    I am curious about the foam pieces behind the NMS front fender liners. Having foam on the inside of the MK4 Jetta front fender liners proved to be a source for rusting of the front fenders. What is the purpose of the foam on the NMS? Is it blocking noise? Is it limiting abrasion of the fender...
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    Aviation Alternative Fuel Effort

    An interesting read:
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    Aviation Biofuels

    Thought this looked interesting:
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    Drw Vss

    DRW VSS Part Number Help Does anyone have the part number for the vehicle speed sensor (VSS) for a DRW 02m transmission or can I transfer the sensor off my 2002 02j? My copy of ETKA refers to Illustration 919-00 and I find no such illustration in ETKA.
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    Subaru Legacy Boxer Diesel

    Just ran across this:*
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    Pd150 Fmic

    PD150 FMIC Install Question I have a PD150 FMIC, radiator, and most of the intake piping. Is there any special bracing or a Euro bumper required? The ETKA I have access to does not include the FMIC. Using the search feature on this subject suggests there additional parts required but not part...
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    Air Technologies Air Strut/Shock for A4s

    Just ran across the fact that Air Ride Technologies is planning air struts/shocks for some A4 chassis. I thought it might be something to discuss in the "What is handling" thread but didn't want to hijack that thread. Anyone have any experience with air struts or shocks...
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    BMW turbosteamer concept

    Is VW looking at something like this?
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    Biodiesel on "Trucks" this weekend

    Biodiesel on \"Trucks\" this weekend This weekend's episode of Trucks Trucks focused on biodiesel. Equipment from Freedom Fuel America was highlighted.
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    Aluminum Racing Jack Sale

    Ran across this 3000 lb capacity aluminum racing jack for $79.99 US while looking through a Harbor Freight Catalog: Harbor Freight
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    Tranny on shelf 2 yrs - what seals need replacing?

    I have a used transmission that has been sitting around for two years. What seals should be replaced and is there any maintenance that should be done?
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    WTB ZeroStart Model 3305003

    I would like to buy a 1500 Watt ZeroStart tank type heater part number 3305003. I tried JC Whitney and they claim they can't get that model. A Google search did't lead to any obvious web site for a retailer of that model.
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    Contact with nbernard

    Has anyone had any contact with Nathan of europartsolutions? I have an incomplete delivery of a paid for order and have been unable to contact him. His last post on this web site is Sep 15, 2003. I am trying to get an explanation of what happened.