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    Cylinder too worn to slide pistons up and out ??

    Alright guys I started taking the pistons out and it seems I can only push it up to this little groove which is not carbon cause I used a tooth brush and some brake cleaner and got most of that out. I'm 99% sure it's the cylinder wear. So my question is , how do I get past this ridge? Any ideas...
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    How the hell do I get this bolt off???

    This is the last bolt I need to get off in order to take the oil pan off and get my pistons out. BUT I CAN NOT GET ACCESS TO IT. Please help.
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    Blower fan not working on any level

    i took out the motor hooked it up to my battery and it spun happily away, just not in the car. I also put in a new resistor pack. I took the hvac panal cover off and saw that the two contacts, stationary copper and silver knob contact were touching when you turned the knob. Where do i go next?
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    Oil Cap and Dipstick like a steam train?

    hey guys one of my mechanic friends who has owned a few of these mk3 diesels had a look at my engine, and what he said was that i probably need to pistons rings because of excessive blow by. Oil leaks at the dipstick, just before the pvc puck, and the valve cover, car does use/burn oil im unsure...
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    1993 1.9 idi engine, no start / oil light blinks when cranking

    hey guys i just bought a 1993 1.9 golf and seems to have a lot more problems then the seller felt like telling me at the time of purchase. Car wont start right now after 2 sessions of draining the battery and charging back up to full and boosting it, i occasionaly see air bubbles in the clear...
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    1993 Golf No glow plug light, no start

    Im not sure if this situation is very similar to others but i just found this specific situation interesting. Just bought a 1993 golf 1.9 td. very very new to little germam diesels but i loved it for the day that ot ran. I stalled the car while turning right at an intersection so i put it in...
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    Vin number discrepancy?

    Hey guys just bought myself a 93 golf diesel. Vin # is 3vwfp01h6pm003662. And from doing research about the vin not sure if it was a diesel swap or what? Any info is appreciated. Thanks