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    Brussels back in the (diesel) saddle again!

    Have had a Chevy Cruze turbodiesel with 6 speed manual for about 2 weeks now. Observations to follow as I discover the cars good and bad points...
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    Brussels OK, but will welcome prayers!

    Had a TIA(?) on Thursday; sort of a "warning stroke" from what I can tell. Bryn Mawr hospital thinks I will be OK, but gave me a whole bunch of lifestyle changes they want me to apply. As always, welcome your prayers! Hope to see everybody on New Years!
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    Brussels' 99 MB E300 Turbodiesel FS

    The best 99 MB E300 turbodiesel on the PLANET? Asking $14,000. If you can find a spot of rust the size of a BB shot on the CHASSIS, the price drops to $13,500. No pictures; instead, ask anybody who has attended the New Years' GTG at the House of 5 Garages about this car. 'Enuf said........:eek:
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    Is the ******* taking down my posts?:p
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    Brussels (LEGAL) 05 Passat TDI for sale (I think)

    OK: here is the story on this car. The bad first. There are IDENTICAL (about 3 -4 inches) of rust on the lips of the front fenders. I am assuming it is from those pads behind the fender liners, since it is in the identical area on each fender. A weekend in a heated garage with some sandpaper...
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    Can MAZDA sue?

    I was wondering if other companies can SUE VW for stealing sales of high MPG gasoline cars (Mazda6, Honda Accord, Nissan Altima) which may have been passed over by well meaning people for a "clean diesel" TDI? After all, if people were aware VW was cheating, how many of these sales would have...
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    What If?

    Hey, just a question. What if VW cannot make the cars run at all without cheating? Maybe a half million "Dubs" go to the car crusher? Wouldn't that be some stuff!:eek:
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    Wanted: 4 205-55-16 tires almost worn out!

    Folks: this sounds crazy, but I am looking for 4 205-55-16 tires, which is an application for the B5.5 Passats. I also want tires that, although not defective, are down to 2-4/32 of wear. I want them to temporarily put on a NON-VW car to see if there are any fitment issues. If not, they go into...
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    Oilhammer(and Car-Doc) Rocks!

    Just returned from my 1,800 mile trip to Car-Doc automotive in St. Louis. Professional, friendly, capable, and knowledgeable. Now the B5 is good for another 80,000 miles!:)
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    I need a GTG!

    Lazy single guy needs a TDI family to have a GTG that I can come to. Must have plenty of food and drink, and a nice bed. Must put up with my belching, flatulence, and DUMB A$$ stories! Who is going to volunteer?:eek:
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    4 tires!

    4 Michelin HX MXM4 with 13,000 miles size 235-45-18 (94W 300 AA). The Tire Rack wants $280 new. I want $75 each. These are good dry tires, ok wet tires, and bad snow tires. Hoping an auto crosser will want a set of wide tires that he can "burn up" and not break the bank! I'm minus sizing my...
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    Calling Rotary Mechanics!

    Two Mazda rotary engine compression testers for sale. First (modern) is #49-H075-280 Kowa Seiki electronic tester. Asking $1000. Second is analog! tester with paper roll #49-0280280K. Asking $650 for a collectors' item, but when paper roll is gone, you only have a museum piece!:)
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    99 Mercedes Benz E300 turbodiesel "feeler"

    Thinking about seeling the BEST example of this car, probably in the world :-). Car is immaculate, with completely redone front spring perches, Rocketchip, and a comprehensive service by a respected Benz shop. If you can find even a "BB shot" sized fleck of rust on this car, you can kick my a$$...
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    Gasser 6: the price is right!

    Went to Philadelphia Auto show last night. Gasser Mazda 6 priced from $20 to $29, and a sweet vehicle. Rumors of Skyactive diesel here by June or July, with Passat beating fuel economy...WooooooHooooooo!:eek:
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    God Bless All of You

    It's time for the annual Brussels Belgian "mawkish" reflection on how much I enjoyed meeting new TDI'ers and getting reacquainted with old friends. Actually, like that commercial, I'm just saying nice things because I want your BEER! Seriously, it was a very happy weekend for me; I hope everyone...
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    Suzuki the New VW?

    Interesting: VW has, for all practical purposes, acquired a controlling interest in Suzuki. Automobile Magazine wrapped up their long term test of the Kizashi with two observations: 1. only the Golf GTI is a better handling front wheel drive car, and 2. the Kizashi reminds them of the earlier...
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    Need Knowledgible Advice

    Since I'm mechanically illiterate, I welcome comments on a CUTE:eek: car I'm looking at: 1988 MB 190D with the naturally asperated 2.5 diesel. Any horrible issues with these cars, other than typical German torture issues?
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    VW Morons!

    With my B4 already in the shop, and my private mechanic really busy, I (unfortunately) had to schedule an appointment for my B5 with my local VW dealers "service" department for Saturday morning. I later received an e-mail, confirming "your appointment on Saturday at ONE O'CLOCK A.M. for your...
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    Brussels Coming Home

    Dear All: I was notified that CENTCOM (because of my hearing) is NOT shipping me to the Sinai Mission. So, for the next year, I'll be working with the Guard in Maryland until my retirement next August. So, I will be free during the weekends, and look forward to re-connecting with all of you. I...
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    OMG! Brussels and Hyundai Sonata

    2011 Hyundai Sonata (rental car). SEVEN HUNDRED TWENTY SIX MILES on 17.6 gallons; fuel economy of 41.25 miles per gallon. 2.4 direct injection gasser with 6 speed automatic. The "Master of MPG" strikes again!:eek: