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    Should I buy this 160K beetle?

    2001 TDI Beetle...160K, one owner, all maintenance done at dealer, CARFAX (haven't seen yet) is supposed to show all records of work done. 122K maintenance done at dealer, including timing belt. Car has leather, heated seats, moonroof, cd, etc. 160K are supposed to be highway miles. They are...
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    Looking for the owner of "Daisy" 2001 yellow beetle

    Hi. I am looking for the guy from California who bought my 2001 yellow beetle aka "Daisy". I lived in Nebraska at the time. I know he comes to this website and goes to the TDI FEST....he made the car into a biodiesel. If anyone knows who he is, can you please show him my email. I would...
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    Do you know where the owner of "Daisy" is?

    HI. I am looking for the guy from California that bought my yellow TDI 01 Beetle...code name "Daisy". I know he comes to these forums and that he went to the 06 TDIfest...he bought my car in 2004, I think. Can't remember his name, really nice guy though. He converted the car to run on the...