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    Golf GTD in the US?

    Anyone ever see a Golf GTD in the US? Maybe someone brought one 'over the pond'. I'd like to have one.
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    How to Get Rid of Horn Beep (When Locking Car)?

    Just checked my '10 Golf and there is no ATA in the MFD. The dealer said mine can't be turned off. Too bad. I don't like the noise.
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    How much did you pay for your 2010 Golf TDI

    Just picked up my new 2010 Golf 2dr, DSG, Roof, Bi-xenon, dynaudio (no nav), chrome tips. They quoted me $25,760 for invoice. Edmunds said $24,912 and I told them so. I said I would take it for the Edmunds invoice. They agreed. Drive out was $26,912. I'm ok with the deal - I don't think anyone...
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    VW to offer performance diesel Golf GTD

    If the GTD is available here in the US then I WILL buy one. VWOA are you listening?