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    Fender Subwoofer Part #

    My 2015 Sportwagon Highline has the Fender sound system, but the sub was missing when I bought it. Looking online, there seems to be different ones depending on which VW model. What part number should I be looking for? Sub questions, does it matter Fender vs regular sound system or...
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    How many of us are KEEPING our Mk7 TDI ?

    My previous TDI was 13 years old and still going strong when it got written off, so here's hoping for my 2015 wagon. We replaced my wife's SUV last year (almost had her talked into a Touraeg TDI), so mine has to last now.
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    Strange Adblue Warning

    The other day I started getting Adblue warnings, which I guess is normal once it gets below 1000KMs. After the warning was down to about 900KMs, the warning stopped. Now I'm getting a warning that says 2400KMs remaining. Anyone seen anything like that before? I'm concerned if something is wrong...
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    Removing sunroof glass

    Looking for suggestions on making this job easier. I left the sunroof tilted open. Fortunately it didn't rain, but it was windy and now the rolling sun shade is covered in little bits of leaves and flowers. Wondering if there is an easy way to get the glass out of the sunroof without having to...
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    radio on with ignition off

    FWIW if you leave it as is and just turn on the stereo with no key, it does shut itself off after some time. I realized this when I was trying to listen to the ball game on the XM radio while working in the garage. :-)
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    Audi S5 TDI

    0-60 in 4.8 seconds? *Sigh* another model we won't get in NA.
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    Great Prices on 2015 TDI’s

    Ya, they generally deal in previous damage vehicles, but seem to be up front about it. Not write-offs, but any damage still kills the resale price. I've seen complaints about them, but seem to have been resolved. Best advice to anyone is get a third party inspection.
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    Mk7 Common issues and resolutions

    Sorry, sorry, sorry. The lines on the work order ran together. They said they could reproduce the noise problem with the airbag on the bench, but it was an internal part. So they are replacing the whole airbag (and clips to hold it in). This ran into another line about the TDI phase 2 recall...
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    TDI Phase 2

    Current dealer (Crosby VW) is trying to talk me into waiting with talk of it being 9 hour job, they are booked to end of August, etc. Probably trying to clear their backlog.
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    Mk7 Common issues and resolutions

    While my 2015 GSW was in for oil change asked them to also check for a buzzing sound from what I thought was under the hood during acceleration over 80KM/H. Stops when coasting. Turned out to be the driver's airbag. Replacing a clip under a recall.
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    TDI Phase 2

    Just got an email about phase 2. Offering a free oil change, which I am due for anyway. That's the first I've heard about it from VW. I don't know if it's related, but I had tried to apply via the portal and recently got an email saying something akin to "Thanks for applying. You are denied. We...
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    Key Fob Battery Life?

    This is sort of related... What happens if the battery runs out after the car is started? Does it work until it gets shut off? I assume this is similar to what would happen if you leave the car running and someone drives off with it?
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    Southern Ontario Mechanic Reviews Thread

    I used Beech Motor Works in Hamilton because I used to work near there, but I actually used Brantford VW for some smaller stuff since they offer a discount for older VWs. Interested to see what others recommend.
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    Neat features you wouldn't have noticed...

    I put mine in the little storage compartment to the left of the steering column.
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    Kessy ?

    Of course if someone were to hop in and drive off without the key being present, how far would they get?
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    Start/Stop feature

    That and the weird shifter on the GC may have been factors in actor Anton Yelchin's (played Chekov in the new Star Trek movies) death by getting run over by his own Jeep. (Didn't realize he left it in gear and didn't hear it rolling towards him).
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    Start/Stop feature

    See my complaints about my rental Chev Cruze posted elsewhere. Was hoping the Diesel version didn't have that feature, but it does. Both the internet and the dealership confirmed it can't be disabled. Other cars that had this feature are okay, but I found the Cruze wouldn't restart fast enough...
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    Neat features you wouldn't have noticed...

    Found a new one yesterday. Trying to keep the windshield clear so I switched from auto to just the defogger. Worked great, but now my feet are cold. Unlike my MK4 which had a dial to blend the air to the windshield and floor, my new car has push buttons. I wonder if you can choose two buttons at...
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    Dash differences

    It may be the dual zone A/C. It's the only thing about my Golf that I wish I could change was the fact the entire interior is BLACK. While I applaud VW for offering a non-black interior as a choice with every exterior colour, based on my recent search for a used TDI, it seems like nobody ever...