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    FS: RNS-510 Version N and 9W7 Bluetooth Module

    FS: RNS-510 Version N and 9W7 Bluetooth Module, Central PA Both sold!
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    FS: OEM GLI Front Grille Set w/ OEM Fog Lights

    FS: OEM GLI Front Grille Set w/ OEM Fog Lights - Central PA I am selling my GLI grille set complete with OEM projector fog lights, euro headlight switch and ECS Tuning foglamp wiring harness. All parts are 100% genuine OEM VW parts and were purchased new from ECS tuning a little over a year...
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    RCD-310 in 2010 Jetta?

    I am looking to pull out my RNS-510 that I installed in my 2010 Jetta a year ago before I go through the whole buyback process. I was looking at different radio alternatives and it looks like the RCD-310 will be the cheapest OEM radio to swap it with. I can't find a definitive answer if it...
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    Odd Shudder During Acceleration

    Hi all, I have a 2010 Jetta TDI and I have been having a shuddering issue. I have searched and not found anything similar to this so I'll try to explain what happens. First off my car is a 6 Speed manual and I have a stage 2 malone tune with EGR/DPF delete. Lately I am seeing an issue when...
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    FS: Complete Chrome Grille Set & Honeycomb Grille

    I have a complete chrome grille set off of my 2010 Jetta. This set has no broken tabs except for one of the small tabs on the one of the side pieces. They have typical wear and tear for a 2010 model. Asking $250 OBO for the set. Honeycomb GLI grille with emblem. Bought from...
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    Honeycomb Grille Part Numbers

    I am looking to do the GLI Honeycomb grille upgrade on my 2010 TDI in the next few weeks. I have been searching around all day for part numbers for the individual parts. I found a few threads with the numbers listed, but they don't seem to be consistent. I'd like to get all the parts in this...
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    FS: RCD-510 & 9W3 BT Module - Central, PA

    RCD-510 is SOLD I have for sale my 9W3 Bluetooth module out of my 2010 Jetta TDI. The module works great and is in great condition. The mounting bracket is included with the Bluetooth module as well. I am asking $100 OBO shipped for the Bluetooth module.
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    Where to buy oil?

    I have had my Jetta TDI for a little over a year and I ordered oil once online. Since then I purchased pentosin from advance auto parts in the store the past few times, but recently they stopped carrying it. It seems I can't find any compatible oil to buy locally and would rather do that than...