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  1. bigsexyTDI

    2000 Golf TDI 5 Speed and Extras, Bethlehem PA, $1500

    Man what a buy. Congrats VR6
  2. bigsexyTDI

    FS - 2005.5 Jetta BRM TDI - 5-speed - GTB1749vc with PD150 Injectors - 283k miles - KY - $4500

    They do not Berks as our tags don't have to be turned in, so it could just be driven home on the KY tags as long as BBottoms is ok with it.
  3. bigsexyTDI

    Red Beetle Rehab

    I mean Red with Gold or Bronze wheels has looked great for ages. No different here!
  4. bigsexyTDI

    2002 VW Beetle TDI ALH 6DPD - CT

    When was last TB?
  5. bigsexyTDI

    tdi into a 67 Jeepster Commando

    Ooh... 6.5 TD 4L80 could be very nice...
  6. bigsexyTDI

    100,000 miles since oil change. Dont be like me.

    I can't decide if we should show this thread to FORD GUY or not... :ROFLMAO:
  7. bigsexyTDI

    Just Bought Used TDI that was low on oil. Need some advice about getting motor flushed and as clean as possible.

    You've already done more "flushing" than any of us would have done. Just use a good oil and filter at 10k OCI and motor more and worry less. Welcome to the Club.
  8. bigsexyTDI

    Who’s going to Tesla after their current TDI?

    I love my 5 speed swapped Panther. They should have offered it from the factory. Totally different car.
  9. bigsexyTDI

    Beetle RSI style TDI

    They are replacement front and rear bumper covers, and offer zero structural rigidity
  10. bigsexyTDI

    03 VW NB need mechanic in Gainesville FL area

    Scott Krout in JAX used to be the man down that way... Not sure if he is still working on them or if he even still lives there. There is a trusted vendors list on here. Start there.
  11. bigsexyTDI

    Value 2005 70K Beetle: broken turbo?

    I recently gave the princely sum of $800 for an '02 ALH/01M Beetle that works flawlessly and has a stack of over $10 grand of maintenance reciepts from its life. Given that I have the superior Engine, but inferior transmission, Oilhammer's estimate of 0-500 is entirely accurate. GLWS.
  12. bigsexyTDI

    Who’s going to Tesla after their current TDI?

    That may be the dumbest thing I've ever read. Toyota already dominates the Hybrid segment with the Prius and Camry Hyrbrid and continues to push the Hydrogen envelope with the Mirai. They are miles ahead of Tesla.
  13. bigsexyTDI

    Beetle RSI style TDI

    First task would be to find an RSI kit. They are like hens teeth and you do not want one of the aftermarket ones as they are complete crap. Then find a good clean TDI shell, then import a complete TDI 4mo car from the EU and swap everything over. Thats the easy way at least. Be sure and...
  14. bigsexyTDI

    Who’s going to Tesla after their current TDI?

    It's wreaking havoc on goods from other parts of the world in the meantime. I work for a Japanese tire manufacturer, and our backorder situation is out of control due to this chaos.
  15. bigsexyTDI

    FS: 2011 Golf TDI 2door 6sp manual in Houston TX $5500

    Ooooh. 2dr no roof... niiiice. Just wish it was anything other than white! :(
  16. bigsexyTDI

    2002 NB TDI GLS For Sale in Baton Rouge, LA Metropolitan Area

    Good luck with the sale, but be prepared to get your feelings hurt. I am as big a NB fan as there is. My personal favorite TDIs. Just a tad high on the asking price.
  17. bigsexyTDI

    New Beetle Manuals free+shipping

    I would like them if they are still available.
  18. bigsexyTDI

    Who’s going to Tesla after their current TDI?

    Not to completely derail this train, but I am surprised no one has mentioned this new Ford Maverick yet. For years on this forum, folks have pined for a small crew cab pickup with fantastic fuel mileage, and now it is coming and with an insanely affordable price tag. It will all boil down to...