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  1. Wingnut

    Anyone looking for a BEW wagon?

    Just saw this on FB. Looks like a good deal
  2. Wingnut

    Back in a VW....sort of

    But it is not a TDI :( Just picked up this 09 City Golf for my daughter. She turns 18 next week. Already looking to do mods to it. LOL. Anyone have a bluetooth head unit?
  3. Wingnut

    All red TDI badge

    Found it while cleaning out my desk. Can't see myself getting a TDI in the near future to use it myself. Make a $10 donation to this site and it's yours.
  4. Wingnut

    ALH Timing belt tools - FREE to a good home

    I have a set of ALH timing belt tools that I put together. Some tools I made, some I bought, some were donated by other members. These tools have made the rounds within the community for the last 15 years or so. Since I no longer drive a TDI, I thought these tools would be better off in the...
  5. Wingnut

    FS Bosio PowerPlus 502 nozzles

    These are new in box. I have had them sitting on a shelf for several years waiting for my turbo to blow so I could install them in conjunction with my 1756 turbo. I just sold my car, so no longer have a need for them. There is a lot of conflicting information about the PP502's. Some say they...
  6. Wingnut

    IMMO III MFA cluster in MPH

    I bought this as a spare for my car. It came from the UK. I do not have any of the accompanying parts needed for the upgrade (wires, stalk, etc.). Just the cluster. Asking for $80 shipped.
  7. Wingnut

    FREE Stuff - MKIV

    Cleaned out my garage today and found some odds & ends that I don't need. Its all FREE and can be picked up in Whitby. 1 x lower control arm 1 x Jetta headlight 1 x ALH engine cover (missing the foam) I also have a bucket of EGR cooler parts removed from a BEW engine: These are springs I...
  8. Wingnut

    Bigger oil cooler for 1.9L + clean ALH intake

    ALL ITEMS SOLD. Thanks Cleaning out the garage and found these covered in dust. I bought the oil cooler about 10 years ago from Kerma for my ALH, but never installed it. Its a larger bolt on oil cooler that replaces the smaller one on the bottom of the oil filter housing. It was and upgrade...
  9. Wingnut

    Feeler....sell complete, or part out my wagon

    I am selling my wagon. It has been a great car, but no longer suits my needs. The body is in rough shape, but has lots of upgrades. I know I could get a lot more for it if I part it out, but I do not have the time or energy to do that stuff any more. Here is a list of things done to it: 6 speed...
  10. Wingnut

    LF: left rear caliper MKIV

    If anyone is parting out a MKIV, I need a left rear caliper please. Mine is leaking. Thanks
  11. Wingnut

    Anyone parting out an 03 Golf or Jetta

    I need the glow plug controller. Its under the wiper mechanism above the firewall. It looks like this:
  12. Wingnut

    URGENT!!! Looking to rent some garage space in Kitchener for a few days ASAP

    Long story short, I have a load in my truck I was supposed to deliver to Goderich this morning. All roads in are closed due to a storm. To avoid having to drive all the way back to Oshawa with the load, I am looking for some garage space to store boxes till next week when I can get into...
  13. Wingnut

    Starter help needed

    Not for a TDI, but for my Isuzu straight truck..... The bolt that holds the strap from the starter to the solenoid broke at the head: My question is, can I simply use a steel bolt to attach it, or does it have to be copper. I did find this repair kit on E-bay for $50. The part that broke is...
  14. Wingnut

    WANTED: ALH downpipe + straight pipe

    My exhaust snapped behind the cat and I am in need of a replacement. Would prefer an aftermarket 2.5" pipe (Buzzken, or equivalent) to replace it with. If anyone has one they are selling, please shoot me a PM. Thanks.
  15. Wingnut

    Needed ASAP - Air filter housing

    Any make, any model. I can custom fit as needed. Its for my delivery truck. The old one is really rotted. I may weld in some new metal and repair it, but for a quick fix, I can fabricate something using a car filter housing. Thanks. I'll post a picture where it goes in a few.
  16. Wingnut

    Cereal box head gasket

    Granted, its only a small air compressor. But when you need to fix something in a pinch, never count out regular household materials. My head gasket blew on my compressor in the middle of a job and needed it ASAP. No place open on a Sunday morning to get gasket material to make a new one, so I...
  17. Wingnut

    MKIV wagon hitch

    Who has one and where did you get it? I need to tow something and I'm looking for a good place to get one in the GTA. Any recomendations on what brand to get or avoid? Thanks
  18. Wingnut

    Looking for some angle iron

    Anyone have access to cheap angle iron. Anything between 1.5" to 2" wide by 3' to 4' long? I need about 10 pieces for a garden project. Would love to get galvanized if possible, but will take anything. Thanks.
  19. Wingnut

    Anyone from the GTA cross the border 2-3 times per month?

    If so, please shoot me a PM.
  20. Wingnut

    02J 108mm axle flages - $80 shipped

    *** SOLD *** Cleaning out the garage and found a couple sets of 108mm flanges. I have a 6 speed, so no longer need them. Looking for $80 shipped for each pair.