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    Replacing injectors and the fun things you discover

    Decided to replace my injectors with a good used set over the weekend. The used injectors were obtained from a fresh wreck at my local boneyard a year or so ago. Wreck had "220k" in grease paint on the windshield, along with "trans NFG". Car is Canadian, so 220k is in km or about 136k miles...
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    Water Leaks! $@#^%!#@$!

    I've recently been through and solved (I hope) multiple sources of water leaks into the B5 wagon. Was one of the major contributors to the wiring issue which caused my CCM to die and kill pretty well all of the power accessories. So... Imma going to list and list solutions for the leaks I...
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    CCM acting up - no door locks, no power windows etc

    Searching through the other threads, there are some that are close, but not exact. Driver's door ajar warning came on in the MFD last weekend, and would not go out whether the door was open or closed. I have replaced the door latch with ($$) VW about two years ago. Light went away and all was...
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    B5.5 AC normal behavior?

    So, finally got around to replacing the condenser on the car - AC was working, but not as much cooling as I would like - like 45 deg F out of the center vents on recirc , fan 2, for 10 minutes, 1500 RPM, no direct sunlight - I suspect the charge was a little low after 13 years. Now.... replaced...
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    Life expectancy of a BHW turbocharger driven with spirit

    Roughly 449,000 km: Impeller got tired of staying inside of the compressor housing and made good its escape. Spent Saturday sourcing and installing a replacement, and fishing shrapnel out of the intercooler and plumbing. Consumed about 2L of oil in about 30 seconds. Quite the smoke show :D
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    Anyone with a DieselGate turn-in selling their snow tires?

    I have a work colleague with a 2011 Jetta TDi looking to get a set of snows - aesthetics not important. 5x112 LMK - thanks!
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    Happy Holidays!

    Shout out to all you crazy TDI'ers and whatever holidays you may or may not celebrate. Have a great Christma-Festivus-New-Year Season! :D Get some rest, spend time with Family / Friends, and try not to tinker with the car(s) too much. Best to you and yours. -Adam
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    Installed the W8 domelamp / console yesterday

    Managed to pick one up locally for $60 - part of a partout. Ordered the connector and terminals from the local VW place - total cost less than $100 ($CDN, so that's like $23 USD). Gotta say that the illuminated controls at night are nice, but the "soft lighting" is not quite bright enough...
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    Rear hatch release schematic - won't open.

    Hi all - can't find via search - does anyone have a schematic for the rear hatch release? I went to open yesterday via the rear "button", it popped, but did not come up far enough - something that has happened before if I haven't used the hatch in the while - the weatherstrip gets sticky. When...
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    Rockton world's fair demolition derby

    There was a jetta TDI (came in last)
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    Millions of Volkswagens have a vulnerability where the car can be unlocked by hackers Mark, I'm coming to steal your touareg... :D
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    2003 ALH wagon FS

    See here:
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    Is there any way to sort "new posts" to not include "Dieselgate" posts?

    Is there any way to sort "new posts" to not include "Dieselgate" posts? It's like the "new" page got cancer... :D
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    Which one of you goobers did this?
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    Frostheater mounting?

    Anyone here have a frostheater installed that they can pinpoint the location? I bought one locally, thought it was a b5.5 HTR5 version, looks like its a HTR6 version, but I suspect it can work fine - I just need to confirm where it mounts relative to the oil cooler. TIA.
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    How to properly design a modern automobile in six easy steps, according to VW

    "How to properly design a modern automobile in six easy steps (from the Volkswagen handbook): 1). Determine a critical driveline component with no redundant systems. Proceed to give design responsibility for this component to your most rookie engineer who has never actually driven a car. 2)...
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    Anyone know the name of the place in Guelph that rebuilds starters and alternators?

    Like the title says, does anyone know? I have a starter I would like to get rebuilt, preferably with OEM parts.
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    Merry Christmas to me!

    Passat decided to start leaking at the water pump. Luckily Perjad had the parts - instead of relaxing, I get to do this:
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    Billet Coolant Flanges! - AHU / 1Z

    If I still owned one, I would be all over this, as the plastic design lasts about 100k before needing to e replaced. I know I come across like a shill, but actually have no relation to the seller, other than wanting to buy one just in case I ever get another B4... :D...
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    Adjustable Upper control arms...

    I recently replaced the struts and springs on my B5.5 wagon. Koni FSD's and Eibach Pro-kit springs. So far quite happy with ride quality and handling, but after reading way too many threads, and observing the now aggressive negative camber on the front, I am looking to adjust said camber...