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    ABS brake fluid bleed question

    Recently replaced front calipers, hoses, pads and rotors. Did normal pressurized bleed at ~12 psi pushing air, seemed to go well, except - you guessed it: mushy pedal. No hard grab. Did a couple bed-in runs ~40 MPH, slam pedal down to 20 MPH. I think I still have air in the system. I'm thinking...

    Possible to bypass AC pulley on ALH?

    Just searching for info here, Is it possible to find a serp belt that will fit the accessory track and run everything except bypass the AC compressor? Would love to ID whatever belt that might be if it exists! And if so, how could it be routed?

    Been running without glow plugs

    ...without them being energized, that is. My homemade harness failed (I suck at soldering), and I've been running the car (the '01) sans glow for a couple weeks (time crunch). Removed the failed harness, and capped the leads. Today I stuck in a legit harness, cleared the MIL, and now she's...

    Could someone show me which crimp tool meant to be used on this type of connector? I know the longer arms at the rear simply wrap around the insulator, and the shorter tabs (indicated in pic) crimp down on the conductor. I want to make sure and use the proper crimp tool for the conductor tabs.

    Great price on Pentosin 502.00, 505.00, 505.01 Great packaging, free shipping over $49! I bought 4 5L jugs

    Limited IQ adjustment - can't go lower than 32645?

    Hi all, Need some insight, thought I understood how to raise the IQ! Sunday I installed the refurbished injectors now sporting Wuzetem .205 in the Lady's '01. Fired her up, all good, got the engine hot and checked where IQ was set. I had it right about 3, but wanted to try out 6-ish, so I go to...

    __________________________ Herm TDI

    It's nice to be wanted! An issue within this thread requires your attention, big guy:

    Variation on the Elephant Mod - smart or stupid?

    Hey all, I was thinking of adding one of the oil fill breathers with an elephant hose on it to vent blow-by, but also leave in place the stock CCV puck, entry into the intake and all. My thought is that this would take pressure off the seals (hey we're not getting any younger), but still be...

    Mag 1® full synthetic european 5w‑40

    Just wondering if anyone here has used this oil in their TDI ('specially mk4), and what did you think? Yes, I searched the whole site, No, not looking for a fight lol Just found out Franko6 doesn't like any Mobil 1 oils...... I'm on my first sump full of M1 TDT after migrating away from...

    Can wheel/tire size affect CV joint wear?

    Maybe a silly question. Our 2001 we got in Aug of 2018. It's had 17" wheels probably all its life. I'm wanting to change down to 16" or 15". From a 4" sidewall to a 4.6 or 5" sidewall. How negatively would increasing the wheel height by 0.6"-1" affect the CV joint or would it even matter? I...

    An Embarrassing Plume of Smoke... short story.

    So how long has it been since we had a "why did my car fart out a giant cloud of smoke and then go back to normal" thread? Wifes car, 2001, 237k miles. The little lady made me proud Monday, when she reported the above incident. Paraphrasing her report: Stopped at traffic light, big hill up...

    Cabin Filter Cover?

    Neither of my cars have this cover thingey. I just have the bottom frame for the cabin filter, and the little shelf top tray piece that sits into the rain tray. How does this thing sit? I want to pick it up since I'm replacing all the plastic under the windshield on the '01 (have a crack in the...

    WANTED - specific OEM wheels - anywhere in OREGON

    Will travel to any part of oregon. Thanks.

    Silver Jetta Sedan, Portland, OR

    Every so often on my commute I see a couple guys, looks like Father and Son rolling up 39th Ave Northbound, between Powell and Belmont (0730-ish). First off, if that's you, and you're reading this, congrats on keeping her humming. I get the distinct vibe of DIY wrencher, but..., you literally...

    Settlement with EPA and the Department of Justice Prohibits Performance Diesel, Inc.

    Thought this was newsworthy, though a bit dated, I only today read about it.

    How old is your coolant ball?

    It might be older than you think! Original tank. Currently 124k miles, I'm quite sure that about 5,000 miles and 10 months ago, those innards were still intact. I happened to be deleting my EGR cooler tonight, and as I was ready to button her last button, by refilling the coolant, I noticed...

    Scary uneven brake pad wear

    '01 Jetta acquired a year ago, replaced just the pads all around, and replaced the rear rotors. I left the front rotors in place since they were OK thickness-wise. I lubed (silicon grease) the pins and everything by the book or so I thought, and I have zero symptoms - no shudder or anything...

    ALH Cam wear :-(

    Well, looks like the time has come. Took me reviewing my pics from yesterday to realize, YUP, new cam time. We got this '01 (Wife's) August of last year, but I just now got around to inspecting the cam. Slowly getting over my hesitation on tackling certain tasks. Cam/lifter replacement I'll be...

    Vacuum pump questions

    I've never had my vacuum pump off, but went ahead and bought a new Pierburg unit as my '01's nipple is not only loose, but it wobbles if you wobble it. Just wanted to swap in a new one as a preventive, and refurb the old one for the shelf. Q: is the central key'd "gear" supposed to spin...

    The Ghost of Turbos Past...?

    Need some advice. On March 10th, I got married. But not before my '03's turbo took a poop at only 121k miles. My then fiance was with me in the car, when we made to pull out of a convenience store, and were blanketed in a thick cloud of yellow-white smoke. The car had no boost, and would not...