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  1. bigsexyTDI

    WTB: 16" Rave wheels

    Looking for a set of Beetle Raves
  2. bigsexyTDI

    WTB: 15" Jarama wheels

    Looking for a set of Jaramas from a late MKIV Golf.
  3. bigsexyTDI

    I bought a new Mitsubishi Mirage

    And it's strangely awesome... I know there are folks on this site that appreciate minimalistic cars, and this is just that. I am averaging 48 MPG over the first 1500 miles, and have easily gotten 50+ out of it on two lane country roads. Combine that with $3.25 regular 87 here in W TN, and its...
  4. bigsexyTDI

    WTB: BEW Longblock

    Need a BEW longblock for an 04 Jetta. Would buy complete car if necessary.
  5. bigsexyTDI

    New alternator yet battery light still on

    Just put a new Bosch from idparts on my 98 Beetle. Had to switch the plug to the new style. Got everything buttoned back up and started it and the battery light is still on solid. What do I need to check? Going to put a meter on it now to check voltage.
  6. bigsexyTDI

    WTB OR FS! 2004 BEW Jetta

    So this is a rather odd post, but I have an 04 Jetta with a bad engine. I am either looking for a wrecked Jetta/Golf/Beetle with a good engine, or I am looking to sell my car to someone in the opposite position. My car is a black on black GLS Tiptronic with pretty much all options but ESP...
  7. bigsexyTDI

    WTB: Alternator Plug with wires (newer MKIV D-shaped style)

    I have a '98 Beetle, and bought a new Alternator and the new plug that goes with it, but I have ruined the connectors from the old plug and would prefer to just splice wires at this point. Anyone got one?
  8. bigsexyTDI

    Installing new style alternator plug on 98 New Beetle

    Ok guys, this has me stumped and angry. I bought a new Bosch 120A from idparts and purchased the connector to make it work as well. I assumed that the connector would be pre wired, and all I would have to do would be to cut the old connector off and splice. This is not the case however...
  9. bigsexyTDI

    WTT: 15" Montereys for 15" Jaramas or 16" Raves or Hakunamatatas

    As the title states, I would like to see if anyone wants to trade wheels. I have Montereys from an '04 Jetta And I would like Jaramas Or Raves Or Hakunamatatas Will consider any and all others... What have you got? My wheels are curb rash free. I think one wheel has a rub...
  10. bigsexyTDI

    WTB: ALH Alternator

    Anyone have an Alternator in their parts stash? I need one for my '98 Beetle, and really am not wanting to spend $300 on one, and dont have time, once I get it apart to have the current rebuilt. IM me
  11. bigsexyTDI

    I need a 4th gear for an 02J

    Anybody got an 02J in pieces? My car ate 4th and 5th gear. Naturally I bought a .658 ;) but now I 4th to get her back on the road. Txt message is best honestly, but PMs work too. 270-nine94-13four5
  12. bigsexyTDI

    Wtb: Single Mass Flywheel

    Looking for a SMF. G60, AHU, aftemarket... I don't care. The cheaper the better. PM me details and price shipped to Mt. Vernon, IL 62864. Thanks
  13. bigsexyTDI

    Aristos FS

  14. bigsexyTDI

    Anyone ever considered swapping a DSG out of a New Beetle into a MKIV Jetta/Golf?

    So I started TDI life in a beetle, and now that I am in a Jetta for the kiddos (Jettarrr as my 3 year old calls it :D ) I think about some of the things that the Beetles offered in the MKIV platform that the Jetta and Golf did not. The most desireable of which is DSG. Now I know all of the...
  15. bigsexyTDI

    Anyone running 14" wheels on a MkIV? Will they fit?

    Found a really interesting set of 14x6 +38mm wheels. I am emailing them to see what one weighs. I have been contemplating going to a light BBS or equivalent 15 or 16, but these 14s are intriguing... Anyone know if they will clear the brakes, etc?
  16. bigsexyTDI

    TDT on sale at O'Reillys for 19.99

    Thats a good price for around here. Puts it in line with the T6.
  17. bigsexyTDI

    118k mile BEW with at least 40k on Rotella T = Good Cam!!!

    Well, Ben (vwjettadsl) did the timing belt on my 04 Jetta yesterday, and I stuck around when it came time to pop the valve cover off because I was scared, yet anxious to see what we would find... :confused: It was kind of like a horror movie... you know around that corner there could be...
  18. bigsexyTDI

    Just wanted to say thanks to Ben (vwjettadsl) for some great service

    If anybody in the Midwest needs repair done, and you can't find time to get the thing to a Guru's shop, give Ben a call and see if he can make a trip to come see you. He came to my place of work, and did my Timing Belt while I was on the job! You want to talk about convenience... man it...
  19. bigsexyTDI

    Anyone running big power thru an 09A?

    So considering my wife begged me to get a slushbox in the new Jetta, I am wondering what kind of power I can make before she starts acting up? This is an '04 with the "good" 09A 5 speed Tiptronic. I know there are cars running RC1+... what else? Anyone running a bigger turbo? etc? Thanks
  20. bigsexyTDI

    Odd behavior after new MAF

    I put a new MAF on my bug the other day, and something odd is going on... First off, car is WAYY faster than it has ever been. I bought this car from Dan Simoes (TDIparts founder) at 98k, (now 250+) It has had the same Sprint 205s, and Upsolute Stage I for most of its life. It was always quick...