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  1. Metal Man

    Does a 2015 model year TDI still have the build sticker on the trunk floor with the engine code?

    I'm trying to help customers be sure they are ordering the correct parts, mostly timing belt kits. That was always a good reliable way to check the engine code, but I haven't checked on a 15 myself. Do the still have them on the trunk floor and if so is it relatively easy to view?
  2. Metal Man


    Just looking for the vacuum reservoir bracket for an ALH New Beetle. Part number is 038 103 945 A. I believe it's Beetle specific.
  3. Metal Man


    I don't know what these springs are or who made them, they were on a 98 NB I had just bought. They are used unbroken and give about 11/2' to 2' of lift. $60 shipped in the continental US.
  4. Metal Man

    How does a 06 Jetta TDI fuel tank vent?

    I'm not trying to get extra fuel in. I have one here that the tank is collapsed damaging the fuel pump in the process. It does have an aftermarket fuel cap that was recently installed so that is suspect, but I can find any info on how the tank actually vents.
  5. Metal Man

    Anyone have any experience with a Tiguan- gas?

    I'm looking at buying maybe a 2013 - 2016 4 motion for light towing. Does anyone here have any input on them?
  6. Metal Man

    2013 Jetta with water in fuel

    Does anybody have any experience with water in the fuel on one of these? What are the odds of cleaning it up without damage. The car starts and idles well, but has no power and a few fuel pressure codes.
  7. Metal Man news, new parts and deals

    I've just lowered my prices on all my PD cam kits. $415 shipped for BRM cam, lifters, bearings and cam seal. If you add the reusable cam and rocker bolts it comes to $480. $530 shipped for BRM cam, lifters, bearings, OEM cam and...
  8. Metal Man

    Free tee shirts

    I finally got some shirts made. I've been thinking about it for a while, but it was just one of those things I didn't get around to. I have them on the web site for $7 each. If you put in a descent order email me your size and...
  9. Metal Man

    Blowing out alh ahu piston kits at

    I just dropped my piston kits down to $370 for a set to try to lower my inventory a bit. I have standard. And oversized.
  10. Metal Man

    New lower pricing on bew and brm cam kits at

    I lowered my BEW kits to $450 for the cam, bearings, black INA lifters and cam seal. You can add either non stretch bolts for $65 or original VW stretch bolts for $124. Kit total is then either $515 (with non stretch bolts) or...
  11. Metal Man November Special

    For the month of November I'll offer Mahle KL 147 D fuel filters for $15 each with an order of $100. These fit 1998* - 2006 New Beetle (early cars need to have the updated plastic fuel tee), 1999.5 - 2006 Golf , 1999.5 -early 2005 Jetta and 2004 -05 Passat VW TDI motors. You may add up to 4...
  12. Metal Man

    2013 TDI Fest drawing winners

    I held my drawing for two $100 credits for the web site at the 2013 TDI Fest, just as I have in past years. This years winners are Paul Powichroski and Mark Poirier. Congratulations to both of you. Thank you again to all the organizers and volunteers that make this site and the TDI Fest possible.
  13. Metal Man

    Overstock sale on BRM turbos at

    I have too many of these here right now so I dropped the price to $875 shipped in the continental US. These are brand new OEM BorgWarner for all BRM motors. :)
  14. Metal Man drawing at the fest

    Thanks to everyone involved in putting on another great TDI Fest. I know that requires a lot of work and we all appreciate it! I hope everyone got a chance to enter for my drawing of two $100 credits for the web site. I had oilhammer (Brian) draw the two names after the banquet and auction. The...
  15. Metal Man

    Blowout specials on

    I'm going to try something a little different. I will list a few items at blow out prices for a few lucky buyers that act quickly. These will be all new items from my regular stock that I may just have too many of at the moment. I will do these orders over the phone only with a credit card...
  16. Metal Man

    some closeouts on

    I now have a closeout section on;jsessionid=969342F3F05A6D3AF9E9B4EFE65291D5.qscstrfrnt05?categoryId=82 It's mostly older A1 and A2 parts, but there are a few TDI items on the page. I have an original VW ALH injection pump for...
  17. Metal Man

    A4 bilstein tc kits in stock at

    I have been out of these for a bit. I now have everything here ready to ship. :)
  18. Metal Man

    A4 euro jetta tails on

    I don't do too much with body parts, but I have a pretty good deal on these. New Hella original VW euro tail lights $85 for a pair shipped in the continental US.
  19. Metal Man gift certificate drawing

    I was collecting names at the fest for a drawing for two (2) $100 gift certificates for the web site. Thanks for all who entered and stopped by to say hi. The winners are David Gater and Bob Bruce, both of Kentucky. I talked to David at the fest and will be in touch with Bob soon. Thanks to...
  20. Metal Man

    Biking at the Fest

    I'm trying to make this as much of a non working weekend as possible. I'm planning on bring my road bike and hoping to get at least a little riding in. Anyone else interested?