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  1. PickleRick

    Clutch options/choices for BHW/R150

    The back of my bhw blocks is now the bolt pattern of a v6 4 runner. The 3.0 and 3.4 v6 both share the same crank pattern, fit the same r150 bellhousings. The 3.4 starter will give a little more oomph. The 3.4 also gives i believe a 10mm bigger clutch. I am not sure a stock aisin clutch...
  2. PickleRick

    Old AHU v belt AC crank pulley mount to BHW crank pulleys/dampner???

    I believe the old AHU or maybe even early ALH used a v belt driven crank pulley bolted to the outside of the crank pulley/balancer. My 1987 4 runner has a fully rebuilt and ice cold ac system. Seems silly to ditch the compressor if I can mount the 4 runners stock compressor to the BHW...
  3. PickleRick

    BHW meets A340F...any pointers before going stand alone

    I'm almost finished with my 1st gen 4 runner tdi conversion using an r150f. The little lady's disco 2 land rover sucks fuel and is consuming a bit of coolant. I want to drop a tdi in it this fall. I plan to use the 89 to 94 Toyota pick up/4 runner a340f found behind the 3.0 v6 and a 4.10...
  4. PickleRick

    Hybrid oil pan install issues on BHW

    I got my bsm deleted and alh oil pump installed along with new timing belt parts. Also got the oil pan from idparts at the same time. All went well until i tried to install the oil pan, it hits the pickup tube. I told the lady on the phone I wanted the oil pump kit for the bsm delete and...
  5. PickleRick

    A/C clutch wiring

    Im putting a BHW into a 1st gen 4runner. The 4 runner uses an A/C multiplier in the system to power the clutch. I believe the passat only uses a pressure sensor, relay/fuse and switch. Could any one tell me how the passat is wired, maybe a diagram as im using the passar AC compressor in this...
  6. PickleRick

    BHW in IFS 4runner oil pan mods, swaps for diff clearance

    What did you guys do to clear the diff? I have about a 1 inch diff drop which lowers the front of the diff a hair up front and approx 1 inch in the rear. I have done a 2 inch body lift. I have not gotten the engine installed yet but looks like a tight fit. Did you guys swap pans to the...
  7. PickleRick

    BHW tuning and turbo upgrade guru questions

    I've been exchanging some emails with a few people over the past few months about the use of a BHW in a boat. The big hang up is always the lack of a water cooled turbo and exhaust manifold. I've talked in depth with a gentleman who used a non turbo diesel with dry exhaust. He ran water into...
  8. PickleRick

    N.A. Source for 4.2 v8 tdi?

    Im finding tons of the v6 3.0 tdi but not the 4.2. Did any usa vehicles ship with the 4.2? I might be able to score cheap blown up 4.2 tdi marine engines that locked down and I can marinise a wrecked take out using a remppaed auto etc. My new boat has a 220 hp 1000 lbs diesel. I bet a 300...
  9. PickleRick

    Dumb head light question

    In the headlights you have the high beam, the low beam, the turn signal and that little push in bulb, the same as the side marker bulb What is that little push in head light bulb called? My low beam burnt out so i switched bulbs in both beams, noticed this little guy was burnt out so i...
  10. PickleRick

    Southbend clutch vs fx300 initial review

    1st set up i had was Whitbread set up with fx300. The first 2000 miles of break in was brutal. Tons of chatter. Clutch feel was good, not heavy. I have not driven a stock 5 speed passat to make a comparison. After 2000 miles it smoothed out. After 2500 miles it drove like a normal clutch to me...
  11. PickleRick

    Ever had a cv axle make a wheel hub drag?

    Noticed one of mine leaking some grease when reassembling. Good used cv axle when torqued down wont allow wheel to spin freely. Old one will. No noticeable damage wear or blemishes. Came from running car
  12. PickleRick

    F/S whitbreclutch masters fx300 clutch flyweel, pressure plate even throw out bearing

    Needs disk relined, flyweel turned and pressure plate reset. Clutch masters gave me a quote of 300 to do this and Matt from Whitbread told me he would have it done for me or any buyer for 250. Usps flat rate shipping is 20 bucks. I personally have issues doing business with clutch masters but...
  13. PickleRick

    Buyer beware clutch masters fx300 with Whitbread flywheel

    So I've had my 5 speed conversion @ a year and other than the brutal truth of a horrible break in period I've been a huge fan of the fx300 until about 4 months ago when it began slipping in 4th or 5th gear when cold. The passat is my dd and my shop at both work and home are slammed busy from...
  14. PickleRick

    What clutches fit the 240mm flywheel?

    I have the witbread 240mm flywheel with fx300 clutch. Has started slipping badly lately in 4th and 5th under even moderate acceleration. It is under warranty but i don't feel like keeping my vehicle down during the shipping/exam/ship back time. This time of year i dont have much down time...
  15. PickleRick

    Verify 05 passat left(drivers) rear inner door seal part number

    I spent hours cleaning sun roof drains and resealing under the hood. After some flooding rains i found im still getting water in at the drivers rear door seal. Opened the door to find the trail. Whats the part number guys? Thanks ahead of time.
  16. PickleRick

    Weird engine stop oil pressure light and cut off

    My bsm deleted bhw cut off 3 times yesterday. 1st time in the morning cut off no warning. Started right back up. That evening going down freeway it have stop engine oil pressure light and cut off. I stopped and checked oil, plenty on dip stick and she fired back off. Last time last night...
  17. PickleRick

    Issues with lower ball joints

    I got in my set of front (4) control arms. Got all of them installed except for the front lowers, the one the shock foot attaches to The ball joints on these were too small in diameter. Yes i removed the sleeve and drove it back into the hub assembly when i removed the old arm. Do the early 1.8t...
  18. PickleRick

    Front lower control arm (rearward) bolt

    It's common knowledge these control arm bushings can be problematic with cracking/tearing which cause an awesome clunk noise when shifting gears or going over bumps. It can also cause alignment and wondering steering going down the free way. I run a shop, a lawn equipment shop so im essentially...
  19. PickleRick

    BHW, intake gasket or metal to metal

    Got a low power issue on the tdi at mid upper rpms, smoke above about 4k. Most likely a leaky hose but im gonna use vcds to look at turbo map and map sensor reading but i know my intake needs burned out. Before i pull intake to i need a new gasket on hand or is it metal to metal flush seal?
  20. PickleRick

    Custom harness...who makes one?

    I have a bhw harness I'm removing...who can dumb it down for me?