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    Eurovan TDI Downpipe $50 obo

    I have recently gotten around to building a nice downpipe for my TDI converted Eurovan so I have no need for this anymore. It's not pretty but it will allow you to bolt up a AHU tdi engine running a VNT15/17 to the factory Eurovan exhaust. $50 plus shipping.
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    For sale Eurovan manual transmissions

    I have a good used CPW eurovan gas compatible manual transmission for sale. 210K miles on it ready for a new home $600 obo Removed for TDI swap. Shipping not included. Located in Mesa Arizona.
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    wtb .681 gear set for an 02B.

    Anyone out there with a .681 5th gear they don't need anymore? let me know, I just stripped my .700 and figured why not go bigger.
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    White Tdi Eurovan in Mesa AZ.

    Does anyone here know of a White early 90's eurovan weekender TDI in Arizona. I myself have a 1995 TDI evc and am in contact with a couple others 19.tdi and 2.5 tdi. I'd love to meet up and check out your conversion. here are he details : We passed each other Wednesday Morning January 16 on...
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    Diesel Noise

    Hi Everyone i have a pretty simple question but as I have never had a AHU car before this i have no frame of reference. My question is are AHU engines considerably louder than ALH engines. I did a eurovan tdi conversion last year and although it runs great it is just so much louder than my old...
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    acceleration Judder?

    Hello Everyone: I am in the final stages of a 1995 EVC Tdi conversion and have a question for all those who have gone before. I have a ahu engine with dsla 1019 injectors, Vnt 15 Turbo and EWB o2b transmission. The ecu is a chipped jb 68 pin unit and I am running a custom tune, which i suspect...
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    Sacgs G60 pressure plate

    Hi everyone: I was wondering if anyone knew what the purpose of the two tabs sticking up from the backside of the Sachs G60 pressure plate was? Can they be bent back more in line with the radius of the plate? Thanks
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    2015 tdi smoke?

    Hi All, I just test drove a 2015 tdi golf sel DSG and was blown away, It was a great ride. Roomier tight and good power, a bit of turbo lag though at low speed. 2 concerns though, after the test drive I left it idling and noticed a lot of whitish smoke coming out of the exhaust. the ODO said...