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    EA288 Water Pump Failures?

    who fixed, and refilled your cooling system? I'd check there first.
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    DPF Pressure Sensors Melted

    Makes sense, cracked during timing belt change from moving them around. I assume it was already brittle
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    Oil leaks appeared out of nowhere

    The CRUA/CVCA (2.0ll 110kw) have been around since 2013 I believe (maybe even 2012) on the 7 series in Europe. So in a way, the 2015 US version should have had the bugs worked out. Of course, the water pump issue has been known since 2013, so go figure.
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    Would you buy this 2013 Jetta Sportwagen?

    8 year old car, with roughly 200k miles, for $6k ? I'd say it is steep. but it is all about the market.
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    100,000 miles since oil change. Dont be like me.

    Considering how much you are driving, you can certainly get away with long oil change interval. At this point, it's more important to change the oil filter. Car is still running and doesn't burn oil, impressive!
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    Oil leaks appeared out of nowhere

    pull the engine cover, do you see any oil ? engine sound seems normal to me.
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    EA288 Cooling system bleeding

    did you run the car with max heating on? and how thorough of a drain did you do ?
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    Cooling fan turns on and off

    seems normal to me.
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    Leak from under crankshaft pulley

    I had the same thing and thought there could have a been a leak or something. When I did the timing belt, I did not find any leaking seals at all. So yes, i think it is just dirt collecting, from fuel spill, water pump drip, etc.
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    ///// Making the Air Conditioning more economical /////

    how hot is it outside ?? On my mk7, it's hard to be too cold inside on speed setting 1, particularly on a hot day. so consider yourself lucky your AC is working that well.
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    Radiator Fans Randomily Running At Full Power

    could be doing a regen. check with VCDS or equivalent for codes.
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    Air bubbles from fuel filter housing

    The fuel filter is under positive pressure. So if it is not leaking you are good.
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    Changing Timing Belt: Loosening the High Pressure Fuel Pump Sprocket

    Gently tap Penetrative oil If that doesn't work, just tighten it back. Most likely you don't need to adjust that anyway, and a small misalignment is acceptable.
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    Timing Belt: Cam Sprocket Not Locked But at DTC

    OK, I see your problem. The camshaft carrier is no longer aligned with the hole, right ? Then just tighten the sprocket center bolt just enough so you can rotate the camshaft carrier back to the right place, then put the pin in and leave it there.
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    Timing Belt: Cam Sprocket Not Locked But at DTC

    A pic would help understanding what you are saying. And yes, if you didn't bend anything, you can take the sprocket off and put back, but you shouldn't have to do that. also, if you are using the exact same belt, you should have been able to put on the new belt easily. not sure what the...
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    Low Oil pressure engine off

    Oil dilution? How does the oil look feel?
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    Alternator problem?

    20V seems excessively high, double check with a volt meter to confirm it is actually putting out 20V on the battery. If indeed this is true (which I doubt), that battery will fry (overheat and leak) in very little time.
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    Bad mechanic or bad motor?

    I'm sorry to hear your story. I am sure by now you realize the mechanic screwed up royally. I'm even surprised they have the balls to tell you the engine jumped time after they did a timing belt job!! Talk to them, they should own it. If they play games, you'll have to sue. sorry.