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  1. Steve Addy

    Stuck likely?

    OTOH, I pulled injectors from a 242k mile TDI that was the donor for my 1990 B3V and they didn't fight at all. Now it could be because they had been serviced before, but honestly I doubt it. I do recommend that you prepare though with lots of lubrication before it's time to pull, like the...
  2. Steve Addy

    Glow Plug Time Duration

    If the vehicle was outside in 34F temp then I would expect a longer cycle then that and less cranking. Aside from wondering whether a CEL got triggered and whether there is a code, you might try next time, in this temperature, unplugging the CTS and seeing whether that extends the glow time...
  3. Steve Addy

    Needle lift sensor G80 P00542 / Seeking injector advice

    Make sure if you buy used (core) injectors that they're from a MT car and not AT. That is if they're from a Mk4. If they're from Mk3 or B4 then there's no problem since they were all MT. Steve
  4. Steve Addy

    how can I tell an AHU from a 1Z longblock?

    It's still being produced according to what's listed above... the CDX marine version that is. I also remember some years back there were some 1.9 TDI engines being sold on eBay that were outfitted for something that had to do with cryogenics, whether it was backup generators or some other...
  5. Steve Addy

    New Member/ 1996 1z Passat Wagon

    Yeah...that's typical. It doesn't surprise me one bit. Steve
  6. Steve Addy

    how can I tell an AHU from a 1Z longblock?

    Lots of good information in Wikip about VW TDI engines. Here is an excerpt regarding R4 1896cc 1.9 R4 8v TDI 29-81kW 29 kW (39 PS; 39 bhp) — CDX Volkswagen Marine (10/07->) 55 kW (75 PS; 74 bhp) at 3,600 rpm; 155 N⋅m (114 lbf⋅ft) at 2,000 rpm — CDX Volkswagen Marine (10/07->) 66 kW (90 PS; 89...
  7. Steve Addy

    New Member/ 1996 1z Passat Wagon

    Good information to if the mounting is the same then how is it that Gates has gotten this so very wrong then? Steve
  8. Steve Addy

    Stop selling to partout buyers

    Unfortunate, clusters are hard to come by and I have a friend about 100 miles away bought a B4 wagon that was missing a bunch of interior stuff too. There aren't many around here anyway, not that there were to begin with TBH. Steve
  9. Steve Addy

    The "What did you do to your B4 today" thread...

    Yes...I have always wondered how they got away with that TBH, it makes little sense in my book. Why they didn't make a front mounting, like the Mk3, standard on the B4 is beyond me. Completely bizarre, and I blame it for the deterioration of the flex joints on the B4, which seem to happen...
  10. Steve Addy

    New Member/ 1996 1z Passat Wagon

    The 90 amp from the ABA bolts right up but doesn't have the clutched pulley. I've used them in emergency situations and the case is slightly smaller. If the markings were gone you might not catch it. I don't think that part number is for 1Z / seems to be for ALH (Mk4) and up, per VW...
  11. Steve Addy

    New Member/ 1996 1z Passat Wagon

    The guys from Latvia on eBay are selling the correct part, allegedly Hella, but that's a shipping issue too, but they are a good source. Part 028903119AA is what you're looking for, and a lot of them come up, but for some reason if you query their application list it says it doesn't work for...
  12. Steve Addy

    FS: 3 1996 Passat TDI's (Salvage SW, SW & Sedan)

    It does look awfully crusty, but probably not as bad as the sedan I bought a year or so ago, and even the sedan has no holes into the main cabin and no mouse problems. I would be careful about starting the car, the timing belt is likely way out of date (60k OR 5 years which ever comes first) so...
  13. Steve Addy

    New Member/ 1996 1z Passat Wagon

    And I think the pulley for the Mk4 doesn't line up properly for the Mk3 belt. I know that it's a different part number and it appears to run the belt in a slightly different location. Gates seems to want to suggest that the 37010P fits Jetta up to 2002, but that would be a no go based on VW...
  14. Steve Addy

    FS: 3 1996 Passat TDI's (Salvage SW, SW & Sedan)

    Isn't the rust pretty much confined to the front fenders? I know the photos aren't that clear but it doesn't look like the main body is that bad unless there's a lot of damage underneath it. Still hoping someone buys it, a wagon is too good to waste. Steve
  15. Steve Addy

    Vent selector broken? Here's my 50 cent fix.

    I've noticed that the mountings for the cables on the HVAC box are flimsy at best. In fact I have a bad one right now on the B3V, the vents. The temp seems to still be fine. Steve
  16. Steve Addy

    1998 Jetta TDI No Start/ Fuel Delivery Issues

    Yeah the trunk decal is bad for Mk3 TDI cars 100% of the time as regards engine / trans. Steve
  17. Steve Addy

    Warning: Capacitors in Passat B4 clusters cause trouble

    The trick is to replace them before they get to the point of destroying the cluster completely. Steve
  18. Steve Addy

    My "new" storm grey b4v

    Nice find, I would think you can get a windshield via the aftermarket, but as Todd mentioned factory glass is NLA for it. I know you intend to do the fluids etc but I would shy away from the trans unless you plan to replace factory fluid with another GL4 rated gear oil. Going with a GL5 is bad...
  19. Steve Addy

    Looking for this bracket...

    All the B3/4 cars I had access to at one time are gone, and although I did get some of the paneling from under one or two of the B4's I ran into I'm not sure I picked up any spare brackets. I also passed on a center exhaust shield once that I probably now, thinking back, should have gotten. I...
  20. Steve Addy

    FS: 3 1996 Passat TDI's (Salvage SW, SW & Sedan)

    I would love to buy the storm grey wagon, but you're way over by Reading and that's a huge trip. If I could figure out a way to get it here without breaking the bank I'd do it, but transports now are big money. If I could get it even part way here that would help, my trip to Columbus IN and back...