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  1. gringojosh

    Short trips with Passat TDI

    What is the shortest run time for a 2013 Passat TDI that you can take without adverse engine effects? Does it just need to reach operating temperature?
  2. gringojosh

    Hills vs the flats

    I wish my 2013 Passat TDI would perform on the flats the way it does on an incline. It’s more than shifting at higher rpm; it’s almost like the engine gets a whole new character. Does VW tweak the ECU to make it run differently on hills?
  3. gringojosh

    Cleaning scratched gauge cluster

    I mistakenly used paper towels and glass cleaner on my gauge cluster (2013 Passat) and now it’s scratched to hell. What product is safe for this soft plastic? Fairy kisses?
  4. gringojosh

    cold air intake on a 2.0 TDI?

    Does it make sense to put an aftermarket cold air intake on the 2.0 TDI? Will this mess up a tune if I go with APR or Malone? Josh
  5. gringojosh

    Sell Passat TDI after warranty expires?

    I am a few years out of the emissions warranty expiring on my 2013 TDI. Does it make sense to hold onto these cars past that date, or should I maybe consider selling it with a year left on the warranty?
  6. gringojosh

    “Spring groan” when pulling away from stop

    My 2013 Passat TDI has started making a sound like a spring being tensioned as I pull away from stops. It’s always at low speed and sometimes around slow corners, coming from the back. Any idea what this could be? Thanks
  7. gringojosh

    APR DSG tune reliability/warranty issues

    I have a 2013 Passat TDI that is still well within warranty after its Dieselgate fix. Have researched the APR DSG tune in other cars, but not that much out there about diesels. I don't plan to tune the ECU until the warranty is out, but it would be great to tune the transmission so I have...
  8. gringojosh

    ‘13 TDI lack of glass weatherstrip

    I have a 2013 Passat and it looks like the weatherstripping just ends at both sides of the windshield, followed by exposed glass edge above. It looks cheap. Is this normal? Any aftermarket solution? Thanks
  9. gringojosh

    How much did you spend to make your TDI fun?

    2013 Passat TDI here, accelerates great from 0-20 mph and then gives up after that... suspension somewhat soft... etc. What does it take to make this an enjoyable ride?
  10. gringojosh

    How good are the 2013 18" Passat wheels?

    Are bent rims common with these? Got a 2013 Passat this March and had my first bent rim a couple weeks ago. Thinking about getting Enkei or BBS rims to replace the stock ones.
  11. gringojosh

    dust etc gets into gauge cluster

    I have a problem with dust and dog hair getting behind the plastic cover of the gauge cluster in my 2013 Passat. It seems the fit allows for small particles to drift in. Is there an easy way to remove the acrylic cover to clean this? Is there a way to prevent dust from getting in there?
  12. gringojosh

    styling options with vinyl

    I am looking at doing something to enhance my dark blue 2013 Passat's conservative styling without going overboard. I was thinking of doing a 2-tone with white or ivory vinyl, but everything I come up with looks like crap. Any suggestions?
  13. gringojosh

    add chrome to grille elements

    What would be the easiest way to add chrome to the black crossbar on the Passat's lower grille? Do a chrome wrap? Has anyone done this?
  14. gringojosh

    tire recs for 2013 Passat TDI SEL

    What tires would you recommend for the TDI Passat to take advantage of the low end torque right off the starting line? Seeing as torque disappears the faster you go with this car :rolleyes:
  15. gringojosh

    APR tune shop in northern New England?

    Any suggestions for shops that would be good to do a ECU/TCU upgrade in ME, MA or NH?
  16. gringojosh

    Performance muffler on Passat?

    Wondering whether it is worth it to put a Borla or other muffler on a 2013 Passat TDI. I have heard there is not much power gain, but I’m more after making it sound cool. Will this mess up the emissions components? Thanks.