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    Anti Theft Transponder

    '2 Jetta occasionally starts and quits. May take a few tries to keep running. Immobilizer icon on the dash illuminates. Sets the 17978, P1570 "Start Blocked By Immobilizer" Code. From reading the Manual I find that the anti theft "reader" is in the key cylinder. Anyone have a source for a...
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    2.5L 5 Cylinder?

    My daughter's looking at a 2007 Rabbit with a 2.5 5 cylinder. I haven't paid any attention to the gas engines over the years. This thing any good? I've found some comments about the timing chain being less than terrific. Did some searching but get mostly personal opinions. I'm looking for...
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    FS: '98 Jetta TDI

    Shoot, I forgot to put the location in the title. It's in Sunland, CA 91040. Daily driver until I retired in '16. Was putting a 300 mi round trip weekly and about 15 per day on it. Has nearly 400k and shows it. Grey interior, blue paint. Right front fender, hood and bumper damaged by minor...
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    When Does The Piston Hit

    Just did the timing belt on the '2. Took some extra time to take some pics that might answer how far off the cam can be before contact. The first two are with the crank at TDC. Moved the cam forward and backward until contact. Then with the cam locked I moved the crank forward and back...
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    Base Oil Effect On Bio?

    On my daily bike ride I pass this spot where some castor bean plants grow like weeds. They are unirrigated, right on the edge of the road at the top of a slope so water doesn't head their way except maybe from the other side of the road which isn't exactly watered well. They get hacked down and...
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    TDI-Toyota-Jeep Hybrid?

    The '98 Jetta with 350k is being retired. It's been replaced with a '16 TSI (a few months before they started selling the fixed TDI's :mad:) and is taking up space and insurance money. Body has some deer damage to the right front and needs paint, interior is pretty worn, seat bolsters sagging...
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    TSI Forum?

    So I broke down and bought a '16 1.4 manual. Had to drive from LA to San Diego to get it. Manuals are hard to find here. Can someone point me to a Forum for the new gas VW's that's of the same caliber as this one?
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    WTB- TDI to Toyota adapter

    Title says most of it. For late 80's 4 cyl 5 spd truck.
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    Start Button

    These new cars with the start button; does the key switch still have a start position?
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    Turboharger Noise?

    '02 Auto with 170k. Cleaned the manifold and intake ports and replaced the vacuum hoses. Car was fine for a few days then starts making a screech when accelerating. I had checked the TC shaft while I was in there and it didn't seem to have undue play. No exhaust leaks like last time it was...
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    New 01M Noise?

    '02 Jetta auto with 170k miles. Suddenly started making a pretty high pitched screeching. Almost like a fan belt. Only happens with engine under moderate to heavy load and somewhat engine speed dependent. It comes on about 1800 rpm. At steady speed no noise. Accelerate it comes back. Get it...
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    "Moonrock" Interior

    Can someone tell me what color that is? Can really tell from internet pichers. Is it a gray or a tan? Not sure if it's light enough to be a deal killer. The wife is worried about keeping it clean.
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    Salvaged Vehicles

    I'm seeing a lot of late model TDI's with salvage titles. I don't get it. Why are insurance companies totaling new vehicles with relatively minor damage?
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    Am I knuts

    For considering a"like new" '09 Jetta with 220k for $7k
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    Big Tires?

    Anyone tried 195/75/14?
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    Bad lifter after 30k

    At 270k on my '98 the #3 exhaust lifter failed. Replaced cam and lifters with quality parts. Now at 305K the #2 intake lifter has a groove parallel to the cam indicating it stopped rotating. Shows marking that it had been rotating for some amount of time. Any ideas on why it stopped? It turns...
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    Limp Mode

    Sorry about the undescriptive title. Once it's in limp mode will MAP specified and actual match up? Had a loss of power on the road in the '98. For some reason limp mode didn't even occur to me. Was playing music off my computer so I started up VCDS and was looking at some parameters. All the...
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    Rein CV Boot

    I just received two. They're made of fairly hard plastic, not rubber. Doesn't seem to be urethane which I'd be ok with. Anyone used them?
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    Drb ii

    Anyone know if a DRB II reader is of any use on a '98 Dodge 24v Cummins? Anything like VCDS for a TDI???
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    Buying new headlights for the '02. There seems to be one version for up to VIN 2108642, another for above. I assume that's the last seven numbers of the VIN. Mine only has six so it would be less than that number but I thought the VIN's were all the same number of characters. Any thoughts?