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    B4 Passat, PC Installed, GPS, VAG-COM, 7" VGA, (not dial-up friendly)

    Oh, I didn't realize anyone had replied to this post... I haven't logged-in, in a long time... (been browsing anonymously) Yes, I'm familar with the mini-box website. I went through a fair amount of research before installing in the car.... The more I researched, the more money I wanted...
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    B4 chirp?

    Heh, that's part of the fun. Initially I thought I was given the wrong part when the harmonic balancer holes didn't align with the power steering pulley. There is actually a subtle dot on the balancer and ps pulley to indicate alignment.
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    97 Passat window motor

    I had a friend with a 95 Passat (VR6) who had issues with his right front passenger regulator (motor/control unit actually). Apparently it was repairable by replacing the hall effect sensor??. (I'm not exactly sure on the details, sorry) When it came time to replace my passenger side motor...
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    '96 Passat GVW

    From what I recall when I last weighed my car (few years back): 1390 Kg ~3060 lbs (without me in the car) 1470 Kg (with me in the car) About 50L of diesel in the tank, no muffler or resonator, car empty for most part (maybe a jacket and digital camera onboard), oh and a 10" subwoofer box w/...
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    505.01 in Vancouver

    agree. Problem is, most petro-can gas stations don't carry the 5w40 synthetic duron. I normally get this from the petro truck stop in Burnaby. Note, this is NOT 505.01 spec oil. (as far as I know) but great for any older TDI's that only need 505.00. Richard
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    Improving MPG on 96 B4 wagon?

    Without knowing more, I would have to agree with the above reply's. The 225 wide tires are not helping you. Although for city/highway combination driving you're not doing too bad. I average between 33-37mpg, for mainly city driving. However, for long trips, I can easily get 46+mpg w/o cruise...
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    B4 chirp?

    wooddash, EDIT: I made the assumption you removed the three screws holding the tensioner in place? (silly question, but I had to ask). The two bolts of the end of the tensioner to hold it to the alternator, and the centre bolt which holds it to the shaft... Read my second last post in this...
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    505.01 in Vancouver Location is not too far from Brentwood Mall. Talk to Kris, pretty sure he has 505.01 oil on the shelf.... just make sure you ask for that spec (of course) when you call. Richard
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    B4 Accessory Belt, Harmonic Balancer, Tensioner (aka B4 chirp)

    Chirp free! yay! *knocks on wood* Tensioner shaft lubed, so far not one peep with the AC on! I was doubtful it was going to make a difference, but I know now. I do see a very slight play in the accessory belt, side to side... about half of 1mm. (yes very, very slight) I assume this is...
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    filling tires with nitrogen 4 better MPG and tire life

    It's actually, A? (The A stands for something else. I'll let your creatives minds determine what that is.) Just kidding. :) Anyway, I think that nitrogen does help/make a minor difference. But I wouldn't go so far as saying to never check tire pressures and/or you get a significant fuel...
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    4x100, 15” steel wheels for a 96 B4 Passat?

    I'm pretty sure there are stock 15" steel wheels, that are 4x100. My local supplier said they are $89 / wheel. Not exactly cheap, but it can be somewhat difficult to find steel wheels that are 4x100 and have the proper offset. I was also told they were silver in color, not sure if hubcaps...
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    B4 Accessory Belt, Harmonic Balancer, Tensioner (aka B4 chirp)

    hmmm yeah, I've been thinking about it.... I think, at the time, I was just too excited to get the spring off the shaft. It took way too long to get off, as well as using a LOT more force than one should probably use. (hammer & screwdriver w/ very hard wacks) It should have occurred to me to...
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    Help- My 5th gear is gone

    I thought that nut only adjusted 1st & 2nd gear. (?) (mind you I'm no mechanic or expert...)
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    B4 Accessory Belt, Harmonic Balancer, Tensioner (aka B4 chirp)

    hmmm, I wasn't getting much of "bouncing" or "jumping" or the accessory belt before (or after) I replaced the above parts. From what I remember there was zero radial clearance for the shaft. Having said that, I didn't realize I was supposed to remove the entire shaft and regrease it. :( I...
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    B4 Accessory Belt, Harmonic Balancer, Tensioner (aka B4 chirp)

    I got around to replacing all the components in my original post. (Harmonic Balancer, Tensioner/Spring, Roller, Accessory belt, and PS belt) btw, the original tensioner/spring was "stuck" on the shaft... took much more force than I felt comfortable with using in order to remove it. But I...
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    B4 Accessory Belt, Harmonic Balancer, Tensioner (aka B4 chirp)

    no problem! thanks to your original post, great info for many of us!
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    B4 Accessory Belt, Harmonic Balancer, Tensioner (aka B4 chirp)

    Oh, I guess I have to put in some details pertinent trip details: Best mpg peaked at about 47mpg pretty damn good, considering I was driving anywhere between 100 km/h - 140km/h, rarely using cruise control. (too much traffic, and/or winding roads) Worst mpg was around 40mpg. (mixed...
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    B4 Accessory Belt, Harmonic Balancer, Tensioner (aka B4 chirp)

    Awesome, I'll have a look at it tonight. Printing your guys' instructions now :) Thanks guys!! Trip already done. (I know, I know, I didn't get a chance to meet up with you in Eureka :( ) Me and the Mrs. were really behind schedule - in a rush to make an appointment with relatives in San...
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    B4 Accessory Belt, Harmonic Balancer, Tensioner (aka B4 chirp)

    Ok, so I've read several posts about this topic... Including: I have the harmonic balancer, tensioner and a new accessory belt, as well as a new power steering belt. (belts are...