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    Time to update my car list

    After 16 years I finally said goodbye to my 2003 Jetta Wagon. :( Many years of service but it was time to refresh. I almost bought a CPO 2015 Jetta Wagon but before I got the funds together it was sold. :( It was also near Boston. A long drive. :eek: A bit more searching and I found a CPO...
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    Flywheel and axel torque question

    It's clutch time for me. Ordered it tonight, basic DMF clutch kit from ID-Parts. Looking in the Bentley on page 13a-4 it indicates to torque the flywheel to 60Nm (44 ft-lbs) plus 1/4 turn (90 degrees). This sounds awfully low to me. Nothing mentioned about lock-tite. Axel nut on page 40-7 200...
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    Stumbled on this in my Credit Karma account. It's a bit old and not sure if the TDIs are involved. Listed May 2014. If nothing else it's another reason not to buy from local parts stores. Summary The Gates Corporation (Gates) is recalling certain aftermarket Tru-Flow Water Pumps, part number...