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  1. Volk14

    91k miles BHW engine for parts.

    Since my BHW wagon/project is gone it's time to unload the spare parts. I have a 91k miles BHW for parts, the engine broke the BSM tensioner and chain. The injectors/nozzles, turbo manifold and tandem pump have been sold. I'm located in Asheville, NC and can also be reached at
  2. Volk14

    FS: B5.5 Passat wagon hitch and crash bar in Asheville, NC.

    As stated. I recently got rid of my 2005 Passat wagon project and I don't have any need for this hitch anymore. The brand of it is Curt, I also have the wiring harness and would include the rear bumper crash bar already drilled for the hitch. Asking $70.00 for everything picked up in...
  3. Volk14

    FS B5.5 Passat BRM transmission for parts.

    My wagon project is gone and I'm slowly moving the spare parts I was saving "just in case". I have a BRM transmission with matching torque converter. This transmission was in good working order until the pump seal went out. Anyone interested in any of these parts? I'm located in Asheville, NC.
  4. Volk14

    B5.5 Passat 5 speed swap parts

    As stated. I just gave up on my 05 Passat project and won't need these parts anymore. I pretty much have every part needed for the swap except the TDI transmission that I never ordered. Here's what I have: Pedal cluster, shifter box, driver's side V6 transmission bracket, hydraulic clutch...
  5. Volk14

    FS BEW short block in WNC.

  6. Volk14

    FS Mk4 NOS front brake pads.

    Spring cleaning. I have two sets of rhese, they have been on a shelf for ages. They're still in their original VW boxes, part number is 1J0 698 151 Asking $40.00 per set plus shipping costs from NC. :)
  7. Volk14

    Parting out 2005 Passat TDI in North Carolina.

    Parting out the engine as well, feel free to ask for any part: Engine wiring harness, good condition $90.00 Head, bare SOLD Injectors, SOLD Newer alternator, $70.00 Starter, $40.00 Engine cover, $40.00 2 Pistons, $45.00 each. The time has come. I've had the car for sale as a whole for a good...
  8. Volk14

    B4 Passat TDI grille emblem

    Sold :)
  9. Volk14

    FS ALH leftovers

    As stated. Some of these parts came out of my old New Beetle and a 2003 Golf, both TDI 5 speed. Located in Asheville, NC. Email me at for pics. - Alternator, $50.00 - Fuel lines, from filter to pump, great condition, $50 - Golf ALH 5 speed power steering hose, $60.00 -...
  10. Volk14

    FS 2005 Passat TDI project in Asheville, NC

    Selling a 2005 Passat TDI GL, 263k miles, non sunroof, AC, clean title. Sedan not wagon. The car runs and drives but it has a few issues. The brakes are hard and has a code for Boost Pressure Regulation (16683). The oil light comes on at around 2k RPMs. Transmission feels good and has no codes...
  11. Volk14

    WTB A3 Black Ruber Floor mats and more.

    I have an Audi A3 and would like to get a set of rubber floor mats. I prefer OEM but let me know what you have and price including shipping cost to 28715. I'm also looking for a front bumper cover lip and lowering springs. I'm located in Western North Carolina. :)
  12. Volk14

    2005 Passat BHW engine for parts.

    I have a spare BHW engine for parts with close to 200k miles. The engine was running but the balance shaft chain/tensioner were making a really bad noise and a newer engine with a balance shaft delete kit was installed instead. I'm located in Asheville, NC. I can also be reached at...
  13. Volk14

    FS 1997 Passat Sedan VR6 shell in Western North Carolina.

    The car has been sold complete
  14. Volk14

    FS CTN transmission with bad reverse.

    I just found the broken transmission while cleaning my shop from my long gone 97 Passat TDI I bought the car with a bad reverse but all the forward gears were in good shape. I drove it like that for a bit until I found a good one from a member of this forum. Asking $150.00 as-is plus...
  15. Volk14

    Parting out 99 New Beetle TDI 5 speed in Western North Carolina.

    The time has come. I've given it enough time to sell this car as a whole, I have more cars at home and this one has been a backup car for a little over 2 years but it has to go, in pieces or whole. Here are the links to my FS thread on this forum and CL for reference...
  16. Volk14

    FS ALH Long Block in Asheville, NC

    I'm selling an ALH long block in Asheville, NC The long block has 171k miles and is still installed and running. It has about 8k miles on a new cam, lifters and oil pan. I also found out that around 100k miles it had a new head installed at a VW dealership. Asking $1,000 picked up. Come and...
  17. Volk14

    FS 2005 Passat wagon TDI in Western North Carolina

    This car has been SOLD. SOLD, SOLD :)
  18. Volk14

    How to set the sport mode on my 2005 Passat TDI automatic?

    I've been looking for this and can't find it today but I'm also under the weather so I'm not thinking right, like if I ever :) I read this so many times on here and keep forgetting about doing it on my wagon. I don't like how soon it shifts into 5th gear. Anyone? Thanks in advance for any help :)
  19. Volk14

    FS BHW Gear driven BSM

    I have for sale a used BSM (Balance Shaft Module) out of a 2005 Passat. The module was not properly installed and shortly after it failed. The bolt keeping one of the gears in place came loose damaging some of the gears and hardware. I was planning to buy the damaged parts and upgrade my...