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    Flat towing with my wagon.

    Wanting to flat tow a fwd manual wagon about 275 miles with a 5,000lb Universal tow bar. Thinking I will bolt the mounting brackets to a spare front metal bumper and pull the plastic bumper cover on the car and swap out the metal bumpers. Any reason why this won’t work? It will be 275 miles on...
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    Upgraded torque converter Advanced automotion street sauce

    Is anyone running one of these? I’m interested to know if it’s worth the money while I have the motor out? They claim 150rpm lowered stall speed. How will this translate to drive feel? I will ultimately be running a frank 06 cam and malone stage 2 as well as a bv43 turbo.
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    Rear Toe correction question

    Hey Just had an alignment done at Goodyear they gave me a printout and the front is almost dead on. The rear however is off they said no adjustment which I know more on that later. I replaced the rear beam about a year ago and took it to “the best frame shop in town” he aligned the front didn’t...
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    Manual ECU in Automatic

    I have an ecu from a parts car with a stage 2 malone tune. I would like to use it in my Automatic car. Do I need a complete reflash or can I recode it back to Automatic?
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    Using ALH EDC15vm+ ecu with 5HP19FLA 01v

    I’m building a 2.0 ALH 01v powered 4motion b5.5. I’ve done a lot of research but there isn’t much info out there I can find. A tuner told me it won’t work due to can-bus but there were PD motors with EDC15 ecus in Europe and edc 15 has can-bus. I realize I will ultimately have to try it to see...
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    Tranny fluid change, road trip, and p0741

    My car has 349,000 after a 3000 mile road trip. Prior to the road trip I did a drain and refill of the ATF. The car ran great on the trip but I noticed at one point about 1000-1300 miles in the TC seemed to slip and not lockup in 5th gear this was at a higher elevation. The next day I decided to...
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    *Needed* AVF/AWX wiring diagrams

    I’m building a custom harness for a b5.5 2.0 ALH swap and I’m using a harness from a 1.9PD AVF engine because it’s 121 pin and it’s made for longitudinal engines. Using this harness will require me to add/subtract/move some wires to make it work with the ALH therefore I need the schematics.
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    FS/Trade feeler bhw head, misc parts looking for misc ALH part

    For sale: Good BHW head cam probably needs replaced. Complete uncut Engine and Underdash harness. BHW Accesory bracket. Other assorted BHW specific engine bits. Make offers/trades I don’t know what any of this is worth. Needed: ALH Head, injectors/lines, fuel pump, engine wiring harness and...
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    P0221 Throttle/pedal position sensor code

    Had this code for awhile. Any ideas?
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    2 codes after timing belt

    So I just finished up doing a Timing belt service on my 04. I set my torsion value at first without using my OBDELEVEN because I was having issues getting it to connect. I ended up setting it close to the middle to get a good start. Finally got my OBDELEVEN to work so I checked the Torsion value...
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    BHW power upgrades BV43, Colt cam and tune questions

    I’m freshening up a BHW engine for a 4motion swap I pulled the valve cover off yesterday to discover I need a new cam. I’m going to be running a stage 2 malone tune and a BV43 turbo. Will it be worth it to spend the extra on the stage 2 colt cam? How much power will I gain and how will it...
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    GP question should I update them?

    My car has the 5v N105 916 07 plugs should I keep it easy and replace with these or upgrade to the 7v and reflash?
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    Is ESP worth it?

    I’m putting a BHW into a 4motion that does not have ESP but the Donor car does. It appears this was an option and some 4mo cars got it and some didn’t. Any insight on this swap and if it will have any benefits?
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    Rear panel glass R&R wagon.

    I managed to shatter my drivers side rear panel window glass. Luckily I have a parts car I can rob one from. My question is what is the best way to go about removing it? Do i need a new seal?
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    Smart actuator wiring? Necessary?

    I’m installing a Bv43 turbo on a project car and I understand it has the “smart actuator. What and how do I wire it to? Is it necessary? What are the benefits?
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    B5.5 1.8t wiring diagrams and questions

    I’m doing a 1.8t to bhw swap I have the wiring diagrams for the bhw but I need the 1.8t diagrams. Does anyone have these in pdf form? Will the 1.8t wiring block inside the ecu housing accept the bhw pigtails? If this is the case what wiring needs altered for this swap? I am keeping an...
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    B5.5 diesel vs Gas Auto transmission harness

    Any differences between the harnesses? I’m installing a diesel geared 5hp19fla and will be using the proper TCM but wonder if there are differences in the harnesses/wiring I need to account for.
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    Limp mode climbing hills

    My buddy is driving a MK4 Tdi to California he’s currently in Amarillo. He called me saying he had symptoms of power loss on a climb just past OKC. Turned car off and back in business. Car has about 210k on it and I drove it since 145k then aold to him. The car spent most of it’s life in...
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    B5.5 4mo suspension lift

    Any thoughts on how to lift a b5.5 4mo? I was thinking I could perhaps have some spacers machined to go between the front strut towers and the strut mounts and then some kind of spacers in the rear then run some A6 struts/springs all around. The next question would be how much the alignment...
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    Upgraded Torque converter for 4motion swap

    After some research I’ve discovered I can use a 5hpFLA transmission from european C5 TDI. I may get some flak for going auto but I want anyone to be able to drive this car and it will make this swap way easier since I’m starting with an auto. I’m wondering if there’s any kind of upgraded torque...