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    Rattle on startup after prolonged sitting, DMF?

    Since I now rarely used my mk7 TDI manual (135k+ miles), it's not uncommon for the car to sit extensively. I noticed that if the car has sat for let's say one week, I get a disconcerting rattle (like shaking bolts, nuts and springs) on the very first startup. It does it once, for a fraction of...
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    brake pedal going to the floor

    I did a brake flush a while ago. The brakes perform fine. However, I noticed if I keep a good pressure on the brake pedal, with the engine idling, the pedal would eventually reach the floor! Is this normal ?
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    brake pads install - clicking noise

    A while ago, I cleaned, greased and reinstalled my original brake pads because I was having some brake noise (almost since the car was new, 130k now). I did that while doing a brake flush. After that, my pads make a clicking/tapping noise every time I change from reverse to forward and vice...
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    Bike rack options

    I'm getting ready to purchase some kind of bike rack for my mk7 GSW TDI, that can handle 2 adult bikes (or more). I'm wondering if anybody here already figured out an affordable option (on the roof, or the back). Thanks guys.
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    engine vibration at idle

    engine vibration at idle, with video! I noticed my engine is vibrating at idle. Not that bad, I can't feel anything in the interior. When it is cold, it is barely vibrating (maybe normal?). When it is warm, the vibration is quite noticeable, particularly when looking at the engine cover or the...
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    engine mount adjustment

    I was checking the passenger side engine mount adjustment. I measure 17mm for the 'a' dimension, see attached documentation. It calls for 10mm. What do you guys have ? Does it even matter ?
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    Oil pan cover

    Anybody knows what the purpose of the oil pan cover is? Also, will it cracked if used to support the engine from below ? There is also some insulation in it, I'm wondering if it is to speed up engine warm up time.
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    Timing Belt Change

    I'm planning to change the timing belt/water pump myself. Anybody has done it themselves ? any gotchas ? I have the service manual and youtube videos, does not seem very difficult. Is the kit from IDPARTS any good ?
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    oil seepage

    Hi I got a 2015 mk7 TDI with 122000 miles. I noticed some oil seepage (or coolant?) at the bottom of the timing belt cover near the crankshaft. (it is a light color and is very minimal so far) I'm due for a timing belt soon (130k), wondering if I should do it earlier. Anybody has something...
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    Phase 2 Emission fix - double checking dealer work

    Hi, I'd like to start a thread about what to verify after the phase 2 of the emission fix has been completed. I believe the dealership cannot be trusted. Things to check for instance could be: 1. properly installed equipment (personally I was left with an unconnected hose and unsecured clamps...
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    Dealer Negligence - air intake hose loose

    Hi 8000 miles ago I had the dealer do the 2nd part of the emission fix on my 2015 Golf TDI MK7. All good until check engine light came on last night. Pulled over and noticed the intake hose past the MAF sensor/air filter was left loose, meaning not secured with clamp. I put it back "tighter"...