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    Smart car wiring Q?

    I don't suppose anyone would happen to have diagrams for an '01 -ish Turbo? I've been asked to look at a trike conversion based on one, and it's got an Immo issue of some kind; sounds like the owner has stripped too many wires off during the conversion....
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    Has anyone ever heard of IC-U25?

    "Diesel Cleaner, Professional Use" Simple really. Has anyone ever come across this fuel additive? I was gifted a bottle by the Subaru regional rep to test; apparently it's their dealer-only product for cleansing fuel systems following invasive works (HPFP or Injector replacements). I'm led to...
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    Rotary-Vane A?C compressor query

    I know there are some mighty clever A/C guys here so: The aircon in the Forester has failed. No cooling, and a harsh buzzing noise from the compressor. This noise also seems audible at the expansion valve. It's a Valeo DRV10 rotary vane unit. Freon fill was still intact, but depleted...
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    Passat sets distance-per-tank record "A Volkswagen Passat Bluemotion has set the Guinness World Record for the longest distance travelled on a single tank of fuel by an un-modified production car. It covered an astonishing 1,526.63 miles on a single...
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    Euro Tiguan w/ CBAB facts:

    So the Subaru needed a bit of bodywork doing and the loaner is a Tiggy TDI. Its' 140 engine is pretty similar to the CBEA and so I thought I'd post a couple of factoids from the service booklet... For reference, VW quote "high Sulphur" fuel as being 2000ppm Normal Euro service schedule is 10k...
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    Glycerol byproduct as chicken feed

    New research on the use of glycerol as a feedstuff:
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    Non-VW injector question

    Subaru have an interesting feature/strategy coded into the Boxer diesel, and I wonder if anyone has seen it used elsewhere, like other Denso injected engines? In normal use (and at a number for shorter intervals during break-in), every 3k miles or so the ECU goes through an injector calibration...
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    Cerium-based additives and the DPF?

    I've been wondering for some time what the effects of manually dosing a Cerium additive would have on emissions and DPF regeneration. PSA dose the tank with Eolys solution based on fillup quantity. And so when I trip over this product...
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    New Pug for the wife!

    Time to move the better half up the years a touch, so the 306HDI has now become a 307HDI. For you nice folks on the "far" side of the Pond, 307 was one of the first "tall" hatchbacks. Same length as the 306 it replaced but extra head height and a slightly more upright driving position means...
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    CAN-BUS interface recommendations? (Non VW)

    Guys, I've been using one Alex Peper's software via an Andy Whittaker opto-isolated interface for some years. Works well for good old ISO- standard OBD. Changed the car to a shiny new Subaru diesel and find that it's CAN-BUS and a Subaru-specific protocol only. I've emailed Alex and he tells me...
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    My new ride...

    Collecting it on Thursday coming:
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    Scangauge mk1 f/s in the UK

    If any of our UK or Euro contingent have a use for a Scangauge - the early, boxier one mind you- £40 sees it on it's way to you...
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    Impressive mpg results at Fleet World marathon A Toyota Yaris 1.4 D-4D TR has achieved the best fuel economy in this year's Fleetworld/ALD Automotive MPG Marathon. Driven by Gary Luton and former Cadillac PR boss and sometime rally driver Andrew Andersz, the Yaris recorded 84.66mpg -...
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    Forester diesel listed at

    Details are up for the latest of the Boxer diesels. Forester comes for now with the new 6-speed manual gearbox that Legacy is to get shortly. 44.8mpg (imp) combined, with a 0-60 of 10.4s, in this newest variant of the 147PS unit.
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    Custom-fit aftermarket Navi option.

    Anybody played with one of these?
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    Crimped intercooler core problem...

    So, the intercoler in the Suzuki has decided to leak like a sieve. For quite a while it's oozed a touch of oil from one of the tube/endplate brazes, but now three or four tubes are leaking at each end and it's causing an occasional " failure to achieve specified boost" kinda code. Does anyone...
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    Small oil extractor at Lidl (Ireland) from 13/03

    To any of out members on the Island of Ireland, Lidl are listing a 1.5l oil extractor kit from this Thursday for £5.99. Not big enough for an oilchange on a TDI perhaps, but mighty useful for filter priming, brake bleeding, whatever...
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    Newest Bosch-CR system to exceed 2000 bar

    NEXT STEPS IN COMMONRAIL? News Posted Monday, January 21, 2008 Bosch says its new third generation, high pressure common-rail CP4 systems will make diesel engines even cleaner in 2008 The next generation of common-rail systems from Bosch, will feature new solenoid-valve...
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    GC columns for Biodiesel analysis

    Tripped over an interesting story while leafing through a book in a lab. recently. The booklet was the latest edition of Restek's customer newsletter and was expounding the benefits of a special new column for GC quality analysis of bio-d. Fantastic results apparently to ASTM-D6584 and EN1410S...
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    Trailer wiring adaptors

    Tripped over this document recently. It describes in detail how interfaces for LEDs and modulated filaments are applied. Of most use to the A5 clan but very interesting for all.