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  1. akjdouglass

    Post-fix mpg drop

    It's been enough time now to get a feel for how my fuel economy has suffered as a result of the dieselgate fix. In 2018 I sold my car back to VW and purchased it back one week later. Despite the disappointing post-fix to pre-fix comparison, I can't say I have much room to complain since I...
  2. akjdouglass

    WTB: MKVI Jetta Sedan Winter Front

    Pipe insulation works just fine, but looking for something a little cleaner looking to keep the wife from complaining. Found one for sale on an old thread. No longer looking to buy.
  3. akjdouglass

    Cry over spilled milk?

    A full cup of protein drink was spilled in the passenger seat (don't ask :mad:) of the wife's 2015 Jetta w/black Leatherette. I cleaned for nearly 3 hours with rags, spray bottle of water, and shop-vac. Even after that amount of time, my efforts seemed futile. Questions: - Is there any...
  4. akjdouglass

    WTB: 16" Mamba take-offs

    Looking for a set of decent set of 16" Mambo (aka Navarro) take-offs for a 2014 Jetta. For some reason, these wheels are either hard to come by, or my search skills are lacking. I've found similar wheels that are new or re-man for about $130 - 150 each, but not ready to spend that much on an...
  5. akjdouglass

    First regen after ECM update

    2012 Jetta; ECM update 9 days ago - 422 miles before regen. EGT1: max temp: 1478 F CatB1S1: max temp: 1189 F Regen lasted 15 to 20 miles.:eek: I know one data point is no reason to make assumptions, but these numbers are nearly identical to what I see during my 2014 Jetta regens. The...
  6. akjdouglass

    Accident reconstruction help

    Anyone care to calculate how fast a car was traveling just before this accident occurred? (no injuries and 4 out of 4 wine bottles ejected and unbroken) 98 Toyota 4 Runner slides on icy pavement for 30 feet before hitting a 3 ft. gentle sloping ditch. At this point the car began to roll...