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    VW Diesel Renaissance Coming Per VW CEO !?!

    Hey, this was just announced today so looks like VW may be moving past Dieselgate at long last? Wonder how long until (or if) TDI's will return to North American dealer lots?
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    For Sale - Shine Real Street Suspension for A4

    Have an used Shine Real Street suspension for an A4 Jetta (also fits A4 Golf, maybe A4 New Beetle too) which consists of the Shine springs and Bilstein HD struts with about 150K miles on them. Struts are still good, ditto for springs. Could have just replaced the suspension bushings and kept...
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    A4 Jetta (some fit Golf too) Parts For Sale

    Items no longer available.
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    FS - A4 Parts - Turbo, Intake Manifold, Phatbox, etc.

    FS - A4 Parts - VNT17 Turbo, etc. - Lowered Prices! Items Sold
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    FS - Set of 16" Rave Wheels

    Have a set of OEM 16" Rave wheels to sell: Name - Rave Size - 16" x 6.5" Bolt Pattern - 5 x 100mm Offset - 42mm Part Number - 1C0 071 491 666 Weight - 19.9 lbs. (without tire) Cosmetic condition is good - a few scratches but no major scuffs which is the way I got them. Will come with...
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    For Sale: IBM laptop with Hex+Can USB Vag-Com

    For Sale - IBM ThinkPad 380Z laptop with genuine Ross-Tech Vag-Com program and Hex+Can USB dongle. *SOLD!*
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    GeWilli status...

    FYI - Some of us were talking about GeWilli at the 2007 MI GTG's in discussions about the "good old days" of the MI GTG's so I posted an inquiry in the Eastern GTG section to see what he's been up to. Wonder no more and hear it from the man himself here...
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    GeWilli still active?

    Some of us here in the midwest were wondering if anyone in New England has heard from or seen GeWilli these days? He moved from Michigan to Rhode Island (Providence area IIRC) after a farewell GTG in MI on July 9, 2005, made a few posts not long after and then seemed to vanish. I was talking to...
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    FS: 2000 Jetta TDI sedan - $4700

    Saw this listed in the local auto trader and thought someone here may be interested in it. I have not seen it in person and am not afflilated with the seller. Here's what I know about it from the ad: 2000 VW Jetta TDI sedan, automatic transmission, heated seats, power windows, Avus alloy...
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    FS: various A4 platform parts

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    New MichiganTDIers Yahoo group!

    Okay fellow TDI enthusiasts in Michigan and surrounding area! I have created a Yahoo group for TDI discussion and GTG announcements in hopes it is a more timely way for us to share information. You can find it here: I hope that you will join and...
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    MFA cluster Miles To Empty question

    This afternoon tongsli (Lito) and I saw Jeff of Rocketchip to see about activating the Miles To Empty feature on our MFA clusters. Jeff was able to enable it quickly on my car (2002 Jetta - high pixel MFA with chrome rings) but on Lito's 2000 Jetta (also a high pixel MFA with chrome rings) had...
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    FS: Surplus A4 parts

    FS: Surplus A4 parts + ProVent .....
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    How things get out of control on the forums......

    UBB34-ML-1105625-ML- Posted in the wrong forum section
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    2005 Fest feedback

    As one who has attended four Fests in a row I'd like to provide some feedback on the 2005 edition: Liked the Holiday Inn Express for that cool breakfast bar and lower rates compared to the Hilton/Sheraton type hotel that has been used in the past. Show N' Shine should've been on Sunday - clean...
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