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    2014 JSW - Tire size 225/50-17

    Looking to soften the ride just a bit, does anyone run 225/50's on their stock Porto rims? Thanks, Mike
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    2014 JSW TDi - Headlight Upgrade (Osram LEDriving XENARC for VW Golf VI)

    Folks, I have been enjoying my 2014 JSW TDi quite a bit since I purchased a few years ago as a VW buy back vehicle. Have installed the R brakes w/ suspension package and recently a Malone Tune with associated exhaust upgrades. All documented on this site. The next thing this vehicle...
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    2014 JSW - DPF / EGR Delete w/ Malone Stage 2 Tune

    Just finished installing the BuzzKen DPF / EGR Delete. Some of my notes and observations. Installation was very straight forward. I followed the DFP removal instructions from the Rawtech site. I removed the passenger side driveshaft to allow for more room to work. I also removed the...
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    Panorama Roof Rear Drain Fix

    A few weeks ago, noticed water in the spare tire area...again. Checked the drain hose behind the cargo panel and sure enough, it had become dislodged from the drain grommet. When I tried to insert the hose into the grommet, the hose had apparently shrunk over the years (due to heat) and was...
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    How to Change the Title of a Post - Help

    I made a mistake when posting and need to change the Title. Is seems I can change the Subject line inside the post, but I want the title. How can this be accomplished. Thanks, Mike
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    Mk5 R32 - Brake Conversion

    Finally had some time to install the front and rear R32 brakes on my Jetta Sportwagen. I purchased the brakes used last summer. Painted over Christmas Holiday with the G2 epoxy paint. Rebuilt with new seals. Installed with Ate ceramic pads and Ate coated rotors. Also installed the Neuspeed...
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    New Product - Aluminum Street Shield Tunnel Brace

    Hello - I noticed a new product on the ECS tuning website that I am quite interested in: This is said to fit the Golf Mark VI chassis, with the 2.5 liter. My question is two fold - does anyone know if...
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    Sunglasses Holder - Upper Center Console

    I have been looking for any guidance on retrofiring the upper center console with a sunglasses holder. This is for a 2014 JSW with the pano sunroof. Thanks,
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    2014 Jetta TDi - Key Replacement

    Folks, I need a replacement key for my 2014 Jetta Tdi. What are folks paying at the dealer for replacement key (fully programmed of course). Are there other online options for purchasing and programming a key? Or is the dealer my only option? Thanks in Advance, Mike
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    Strut Installation & Fender Liner Comments

    Spent the day swapping out my stock suspension for Bilstein Touring Struts and Shocks with Golf R (Mk6) Springs and Rear Sway bar. The installation was fairly straight forward. Watched a few DIY videos and pics from this site. One very notable comment. The Schwaben 3435 Spindle Housing...
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    Weight Distribution - F & R

    Does anyone know the front and rear weight distribution for our JSW Tdi? Looking at doing some suspension upgrading / swapping with other models. Thanks
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    Steering Wheel LH Buttons - Partial Functionality

    Steering Wheel LH Buttons - Partial Functionality (Linking?) I had the unfortunate occasion to get on my horn when another driver pulled out in front of me today. After, I noticed that my left hand audio controls are a bit confused. The channel select button now increases the volume...the...
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    Timing Belt Tools

    I would like to rent a set of the timing belt installation tools from someone for a weekend. Are there any members that would be willing to lend?? Thanks, Mike