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  1. 2TDIguy

    Getting code 005522 & P1592 for boost pressure sensor/ MAF sensor compare voltage at KOEO

    Spent the weekend reading a ton about this. I even tried adding the additional "helper" ground with to the boost pressure sensor. It did no good, even though that brown ground wire at the sensor read 5 ohms to battery post ground. So I had read to go into measuring blocks and look at 10 & 11...
  2. 2TDIguy

    2014 TDI Sportwagen under hood fuse box layout needed

    I have searched Google for 2 evenings and came up empty. It is a crime that VW somehow hides this fuse info. I even logged into the VW site that you enter your VIN and get the owners manual. This manual does not have any fuse layouts. Just general how to change a fuse and where they are info...
  3. 2TDIguy

    DMF rattle at idle at 52k miles

    My 2014 DSG wagon has 52k miles and now rattling at idle. That reasonable to have to replace the DMF that soon?
  4. 2TDIguy

    ECU swap. auto ECU in a manual

    I have a 6 speed 2014 TDI. I want to send an ECU in for tuning. I have access to buy an ECU from a 2014 Jetta TDI with auto trans. Can I send it in and specify to negate the Auto trans portion and have it tuned instead of my stock ECU so I have zero down time?
  5. 2TDIguy

    door FOB/ Key remote reprogram question

    I have a 2014 Jetta. A buddy from salvage yard gave me a spare FOB from a 2013. I tried using VAGCOM to program the remote door lock portion. it does not respond. I got a blank blade key off ebay and had a hardware store sidecut copy it. Car wont start with it though because of the chip in key...
  6. 2TDIguy

    B5 Passat TDI ZF 5HP19 transmission / trans 75k miles

    I have a ZF 5HP19 trans for $1,300 with TC that came out of a car with 75k miles 4 years ago. I paid $1,500 for it as a spare when mine barfed fluid out on a trip and had to pay $1,500 for a R&R and a large O ring to go in it. Guy said mine may not last a thousand miles or could go 200k more...
  7. 2TDIguy

    P0706 range selector switch testing note to share

    So I had the P0706 code, tans in limp mode, all display gears lit up. I got a shift selector switch off a salvage trans. I made sure the trans was in park when I removed it. When I jacked the car up to test install I was greeted with the need to pull that side trans mount off, etc. SO in my mind...
  8. 2TDIguy

    getting P0706 trans selector code. Anyone have the scematic showing the switch?

    A fellow member sent me a switch, shifter cover, & TCU to test this weekend. Ends up the switch was a diff connector. I will test the TCU and shift cover plate and circuit board. I have been driving my excursion all week 45 miles each way so getting pretty hungry to get back in a car. Was going...
  9. 2TDIguy

    Does the sift range selector and the Tiptronic shifter need to work in tandem?

    So I have the haunting P0706 code. I have another thread about what I have tried here: . My Question on this thread is if them Range selector switch mounted tot he side of the trans shifter shaft needs to move in synch with the tiptronic shifter...
  10. 2TDIguy

    DTC code P0706, tried range selector switch, could it be Tip shifter components?

    so I got the P0706 DTC code on my B5 along with all shift display position in dash on solid. Here are some things I did, please weigh in if I am on right track. 1. I got a salvage car shift selector switch and tried it. I did not fully replace it but just made sure the car I got it from was in...
  11. 2TDIguy

    Loose vacuum output fitting on dual function pump

    See video link. My brakes are always marginal. I put a gauge on it and have like 12. I wiggle it I can get it to 16ish. what is normal vacuum? Any idea on how I can fix this as it looks fitted from inside to out, does not tighten thread wise.
  12. 2TDIguy

    can someone tell me the BHW injector tool/ size needed to pull injectors?

    I spent 30 mins googling. found the process tons of times but nothing specific to the tool needed to remove the injector hold down bolt. Just need that info please.
  13. 2TDIguy

    Can I control or change the torque converter lock?

    My car locks the TQ in 2nd gear and immediately shifts to 3rd gear. It gives the sensation of a slipping trans. Can the lock point be changed to a different timing or controlled manually?
  14. 2TDIguy

    cant read B5gauges in sunlight

    I find myself leaning forward to see the fuel gauge or temp in bright sunlight/ daytime. It is like the dash shades the cluster too well. I have the Euro switch but adding backlight in bright daylight sun does not help enough at times. Any tips?
  15. 2TDIguy

    AC condensor fan speed. What controls it?

    So if I turn my key on with AC on the fan runs fast. Seems there are 2-3 speeds) My problem is the AC is kicking out in stopped traffic as it is likely hitting the high side cut out psi. I popped the hood and the fan is just idling along at that lowest speed. What tells the fan to run on hi speed?
  16. 2TDIguy

    When does the fan clutch function?

    I an reach in and spin the fan on the clutch easy at about any temp. (engine off). What is the functional theory as to when it locks up? I reached in and tried to spin my Duramax clutch fan today and it was like it was full of 900W oil. Very stiff.
  17. 2TDIguy

    Low RPM "lugging" in 5th shudder solved.

    So many times people post with questions about an issue, get answers, then never return to give affirmation of what fix was. Anyhow, I got a new to me 05 B% TDI. It always "shuddered" when lugging at low rpms in 5th. I did some searching, saw a few people said to replace fuel filter. I thought...
  18. 2TDIguy

    Is this a factory oil pan heater in this video?

    Here is the video. At around 30 secs in you see the black plastic device mounted to the opening in the oil pan. I have often wondered what the opening in the pan is for. He calls it a sensor. Anyhow, he calls it a sensor. If it is a heater how do they...
  19. 2TDIguy

    Ayone went to a taller 17" tire for MPG increase?

    I have the factory 17" wheel/ tires. It si well known they also reward a reduction of 2-3 MPG pretty easy. I drive 45 miles each way to work. Have gone through 3 Mk IV jettas and got from 40-50MPG depending on auto or manual trans, season, etc. The B5 I got never gets over 36 AVG ever and I am 4...
  20. 2TDIguy

    shutting off hot coolant flow to heater core for max AC performance

    My Excursion has a water valve that shuts off hot coolant to the front and rear heater cores when the AC is on max. This has been common in vehicles for many years now. Has anyone toyed with adding a valve in the heater flow loop? It can be a risk to "dead head" the hot water flow in some...