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  1. Rickstah

    First cv axle replace on my NB, grease packing question

    Hey, this is the first time I have replaced the passenger CV axle on my 2002 NB. I assume I use the packet of grease provided, pack it into the bearing/spline area as much as possible and then put the rest into the void of the inner axle flange, or should it all theoretically go into the bearing...
  2. Rickstah

    To Gamble or Not to Gamble on Wheel Bearing Remaining Life

    Greetings, all, haven't been around in awhile but nothing has been breaking and busier than ever with work and such. Anyway, going to do a front-end kit for the 2002 NB (LCAs, tie-rods, stab bar link...MIGHT replace strut assemblies) and I have been reading a lot about wheel bearings seemingly...
  3. Rickstah

    Barn Find! OK, just a GP harness :)

    Greetings, haven't been active here in some time but resurrecting my Bug after the son unit bought his first car. The Bug has been sluggish starting since the temps have been dipping into the 40s F. so I was about to do some mm testing of the glow plugs when I opened a cabinet and found this! It...
  4. Rickstah

    Well I DID see the engine from a '99 AHU :) put to good use!
  5. Rickstah

    not the greatest luck on replacement headlights for 2002 NB

    Not the greatest luck on replacement headlight units for 2002 NB (FYI, no problem with lenses.) Hi all, I have had my NB for several years after buying from a fellow TDIer on this site. IT has been pretty great with the exception of the headlights. The oem glass took some hits as well as got...
  6. Rickstah

    Been Gone Awhile, Greetings and a Question about mechanic near OKC

    Edited: Greetings and a Question about leaking on front of IP Hi, feel like a newbie, lol. Have had NO issues with the Bug for a long time but suddenly it seems to be leaking some fuel from around the injector pump. I cleaned it up and will try to isolate in the morning but has anyone in OKC...
  7. Rickstah

    Anyone replaced stock intake hoses with silicone on 2002 NB?

    My intake hose right after the MAF sensor has developed a split and it is over 100 bucks at dealer, lol, so thought maybe some silicone hose in a bright color might brighten up the engine dept, lol. The sucker is about 13" loa attached but my son is gone so often I can't measure the ID yet. Also...
  8. Rickstah

    FS: New ECU f. 97-99 Golf TDI, 97-99 Jetta TDI Fits AHU engine only

    Greetings, I bought this on eBay recently while trying to figure out why my Jetta was in persistent limp mode after a relay 109 incident. (ended up being a continuity problem in wire coming from injector pump, etc). Anyway, I plugged this in and it changed nothing. After I found the problem I...
  9. Rickstah

    2002 NB clutch refuses to disengage now and then

    Greetings. It has done this about 5 times over the past three years...once while putting in reverse to back down an incline and the clutch just stayed down and it was just hung up for a couple of minutes until I was able to get the shifter to move while pulling up on the pedal with my shoe, etc...
  10. Rickstah

    T24 Round engine harness connection problem

    Greetings, trying to trace a short on pin 53/IP solenoid and I went from the solenoid to the round harness connection collar. When I take off the collar I have continuity from solenoid to the male prong on the mounted side of the collar, and if I go from the female receptacle on the removable...
  11. Rickstah

    Christine the A3 has suddenly started acting like her name :)

    Greetings! My A3 has been purring along for many years, but just recently a few things have happened to her that have not been easy to fix and I think have precipitated some additional problems. I had the blend door fixed by a place that has had experience doing this, and though it took a while...
  12. Rickstah

    WTB: Steering column cover for 98 A3 Jetta (cover is black)

    Hi all, my cover's plastic bolt thread pieces broke after one too many removals, so need one that is intact and will take bolts.
  13. Rickstah

    Glow Plugs replaced...well, mostly, cough

    Hi all. I've never had any problem with glow plug replacements on Christine. They always came out and went back in with no binding. The Bug turned out to be a different animal. I replace 1, 3 and 4 no problems, threaded down to the bottom, torqued 11 pds. Number 2 started to come out ok, then...
  14. Rickstah

    2006 Jetta: Only right half of right rear brake light working

    Hi all, my friend has the 2006 Jetta TDI. He is not really a member here. The problem is as mentioned in the title. His left brake light works fine, right brake light only illuminates on right half of normal brake light circle. He replaced a bulb, but it looked good and didn't change. Dealer is...
  15. Rickstah

    2002 NB: Stereo amp problem solved, odd beep and shut-off issue created?

    Hi all, I recently fixed a problem with an aftermarket stereo head going into a Monsoon system, and part of the fix was doing some rewiring in the fuse panel. I set fuse 32 (monsoon amp) to switched power, and ran hot power to the stereo via another hot fuse location. The stereo works fine...
  16. Rickstah

    Anyone know the milliamperage draw of the oem Monsoon stereo head unit?

    My '02 NB had the Monsoon cassette stereo in it, nothing major. A few weeks ago I had a new Sony bluetooth stereo put in, single din, mp3 player, etc, has some blue lights on the front when on, but it goes dark when the ignition goes off. My batt has died twice since then...the first time it...
  17. Rickstah

    Suggestions for regional Malone Tune or Similar Vendor

    Hi, well I'm tired of driving this little NB around in stock condition, especially after jumping into Christine now and then, lol, so I'm ready to get a tune and/or larger nozzles to pep things up a little. I've heard back and forth on which should come first, and have initially decided on...
  18. Rickstah

    OEM fog lights on 2002 NB...Anyone replaced with LEDs?

    I have some LED lights on my bike from and they are ridiculously bright, wondered if anyone has retro-fitted anything like those into the NB spot?
  19. Rickstah

    Strange A/C Shenanigans Going on

    The a/c has taken to exhaling some vapor now and then, and my son reports there is condensation dripping on his friend's shoe up under the dash on the passenger side. Also, sometimes when turning either direction, it almost sounds like one of those African rainsticks...a sound like either slush...
  20. Rickstah

    Any useful sources for new A3 bumpers on here?

    (new or used, I should say) Hi all, when I first got my A3 in 2000, I noticed (afterward) that the front bumper had apparently been involved in a bump or something, because some of the small clip appendages that hold the turn signal housings and reflectors were broken off or had been cracked...