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  1. wildn

    wtb 02M shift tower and selector

    Im looking to upgrade the shifter on my DQY trans, it has the 02A shifter and I need everything to swap in the O2M shifter to use the diesel geek short shift kit
  2. wildn

    ALH upgrades

    Howdy, I'm looking at doing a 5-speed swap and some more mods down the line, and looking for a place to buy the .622 gear for the highway. I'm looking for recommendations on a clutch that could handle a Malone stage 2 or 3 tunes; paired with an upgraded exhaust(Catback most likely since I'm in...
  3. wildn

    wagon 01M

    Hi there, The 01M in my wagon with about 204k on it has been acting up, to build the background the fluid was changed at 193k so it's fairly fresh. For those 10k miles, it was fine but I've a constant pending TCC lockup code(01192) and now it actually triggers the code on VCDS...
  4. wildn

    ALH running warm

    My ALH seems to be running warmer, I've noticed temps at about 200-240*F max. I read both temp measurements from VCDS and my scan gauge. The worse its been was 243 and I pulled over immediately but there was no temp light on. I may just be overthinking, I know these run warm but how warm is too...
  5. wildn

    ALH Injectors

    Has anyone used ? I like the price more than ID parts and kerma XD I'm looking at doing the .187 or .205 injectors in my ALH , the main question is will the 01M survive the extra power or will it explode sooner? The car...
  6. wildn

    MK4 ALH timing belt

    Hi there, I have a couple questions 1. How hard is a timing belt to do, I'm semi confident in my mechanical skills but I'm too scare to try it since a mistake here means RIP camshaft. I've watched some youtube videos to get a bead on what needs to be done On average whats the labor charge on...
  7. wildn

    01M to 5speed swap questions

    I'm just wondering what years of MK4 TDI transmissions will work in my 2002 Jetta wagon. I've seen late mk4 cars for sale(BEW) will these transmissions work on an ALH motor? For example, would a 2005 BEW Jetta's trans work with the ALH or do I need a donor ALH 5 speed? I'm considering the...
  8. wildn

    Failing 01M trans?

    So my trans has been acting funny lately, i’m hoping it’s the torque converter and not the whole trans but i just changed the fluid/ filter 400 miles ago so if any one has any sage wisdom it would be appriciated 1. It wouldn’t move once in drive, it was cold but it has never don’t this before...
  9. wildn

    WTB MK4 jetta accessories

    Hi I'm in Ventura, ca(1hr north of LA) and I'm looking for a few things for my mk4 Jetta wagon . Rear cargo cover BLACK (or any other year that will work) ]
  10. wildn

    New ALH owner

    Hi im new to ALH ownership and had some questions. 1. What is the best oil to use ive read that 5w-40 VW 505.0 is best; I'm just worried about passing CA Smog and getting ever mpg i can( whats been good for 180k plus motors) 2. Any tips on how to get the key fob to work better the range...
  11. wildn

    ALH Automatic reliability

    Im looking at an Auto ALH 02 jetta with 182k on it and Im just curious how reliable is the 4 speed in it? Also is a ALH easier to work on than a BEW for someone with moderate mechanical skills?