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    Learn auto AC

    2021 is the hottest summer in my lifetime, which led me to think I should learn to diagnose & service auto AC. Checked the local schools. Four-year apprenticeships only. Nothing wrong with apprenticeships, but there's gotta be a quicker way (already served one apprenticeship, once was enough)...
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    AHU will not start

    1998 TDI, replacement factory motor with about 140 k miles. Been running fine for 7+ years, through last evening. First thing this am, turned the key—it started instantly, which is what it does regularly in warm weather. Just as instantly as it started it stopped, and would not start. Decided...
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    Interchangebility of gear selectors, 02J

    For more positive shifting, I want to use an 02J gear selector in an 02A transmission. I hear that the 02J gear selector will fit the 02A transmission. However, the 02J used at least two gear selectors—one with ball ends for the shifter cables, and a second with clips to retain the shift cable...
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    Source of ABS?

    Where can sheet ABS plastic be found? Modifying an air cleaner box for a conversion and need some ABS… Little can be salvaged from existing boxes. Good ideas appreciated!
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    WTB: Water bypass tube, 1Z/AHU engine, PNW

    This is the metal tube that goes from the water pump, past the oil cooler, around the head, then to the heater inlet.
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    Bypass oil filter, Mk3 Jetta?

    If anyone has put a bypass oil filter on a Mk3 Jetta, what filter did you use and where did you mount it?
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    Moaning sound

    2003 Jetta wagon In low-speed turns, like backing out of driveway or turning a corner, a low-pitched moan comes from the front end. I think. It's not loud. Doesn't sound hollow, like a tire rubbing against a wheel-well liner. Not a grating sound, as metal on metal can be… No noise going...
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    Lurching ALH

    2003 Jetta, 5-speed. Replaced clutch/flywheel after release bearing failed. Runs well. Runs OK at steady speed. BUT ask for acceleration and it lurches like a teenager learning to drive a manual trans. Ease off the throttle—smooth operation. No CEL; other than that lurching, things seem ok...
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    Remove fan from motor?

    How do I remove the plastic fan blade from the electric motor? 2003 Jetta. I see only a flat washer around the shaft of the driver side (larger) radiator fan motor…
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    Timing, ALH

    Doing first pump timing on ALH. I must have misunderstood the process; thought correct setting of the cam, timing belt, and injection pump sprocket set basic timing, and that the ECU controlled the fine timing. Tried to get VAG-COM to show a graph with actual timing, like the one it shows for...
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    WTB: VW emblem for engine cover

    Cover for ALH TDI engine. Have cover, emblem gone…
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    Open/short trouble codes

    Please delete
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    Starter interchangeability

    Between 1Z/AHU and ALH with five-speed transmissions. The bolt pattern and the drive gears are the same. Principal difference I saw was the electrical connector. They seem simpatico—are they?
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    Lever, clutch release

    Are clutch release levers for Mk3 and Mk4 TDI's interchangeable? They look a little different but the critical dimensions may be identical. Just checked; same part # so, unless I missed something, they are interchangeable.
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    Remove engine, save AC

    Removed engine & 5-speed trans, did not discharge AC. It was a challenge. I didn't move the AC condensor more than 45°. I was a nervous as a long-tailed cat in a roomful of rocking chairs about that condensor; I didn't want to twist a metal line or damage anything. The 2003 car is 17 years...
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    WTB: belly pan, Mk4, PNW

    For 2003 Jetta 5-speed Also have decent, not perfect, belly pan for Mk3 Jetta TDI
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    Injector #3 or connector?

    Replacing a 214k-mile ALH in a 2003 with a low-mileage ALH from a 2001. Will use the car's four-wire glow-plug harness to match the car's electronics. However, the connector to the third injector on the 2001 engine is a different style connector than the I3 connector in the car. My choice is...
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    Goal: Open Jetta wagon hatch

    without battery installed. Several folks say this cannot be done because the hatch release is electrlcal, not mechanical. Although aggravating, that makes sense. However, I explored a dangerous document—the Mk4 Bentley manual. The manual shows an exploded view of the hatch and its parts. Part...
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    Tool, ribbed belt tension release

    Has anyone made a tool to release tension on the ribbed belt, ALH engine? Seems that a piece of bar stock and a 16 mm socket—welded to it—might get in that tight spot… Good ideas welcome!
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    Low miles on Belt Tensioner

    2003 Jetta has gone only 20k miles since belt change. I'm going to change the belt—last change was 11 years ago. But the tensioner and rollers feel fine. Recommend changing tensioner/rollers? Thanks!