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    Smoking Glow Plug Harness

    Hi team, I’m going to guess that it is not normal for the glow plug harness wire to get hot and smoke while the car is warming up. My current harness is secured by a set of crimp connects which look sort of old and corroded which is probably the source of my problem… how is the harness usually...
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    Oil Pressure Buzzer in Strange Situations

    Hey guys, I've been getting my oil buzzer more often recently. Instance 1: Going down from a big hill, normal conditions. Buzzer went off once and turned off. Instance 2: yesterday, driving in 106° weather with a passenger. Going up a reasonably steep hill on the freeway at 65 MPH and the...
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    Dangers of Tracking a Stock TDI?

    I'd like to take my TDI to the track. Long story short, my actual track car needs a new engine so I am considering taking the Mk3 out for a spin. I can't seem to find anyone who has tracked these TDIs in more or less stock form and what the issues are with heat, etc. It will get a good flogging...
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    Switched 12V off Fuse Block

    I'm hardwiring a dash cam. Is there an empty fuse slot on the Mk3 that's switched that would work for the add-a-fuse connector? The cam will also do 24/7 recording, but I'd prefer to have it switched to the ignition to mitigate battery drain.
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    Best shock to pair with H&R Sports?

    I am probably going to need new shocks in the next year. My Koni STR.Ts / H&R Sports have about 50k on them and are already beginning to ride rough. I can feel a lot of movement in the cabin over really small bumps. And this is on the stock 14” tire size. I can’t bring myself to go back to...
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    Aero Upgrades for A3?

    Has anyone fabricated aero underbody panels for the A3 to improve efficiency? I know the passats and golfs had factory rear “diffusers” but I am curious if anyone has done a setup on a A3 Jetta. I’d like to fabricate some panels to cover the bottom of the engine compartment and also one at the...
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    Long Crank on Hot Day Hot Starts

    Hi all, My 1z is starting a little hard on hot starts on days when the ambient temp is over 85°. The car will crank for far longer (perhaps a full second) before the car starts. I have had one instance where the car cranked, started and died immediately but I believe I just didn’t crank it long...
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    High Load / Low RPM = Economy?

    Hi there, I'm of the opinion that the best fuel economy is to be had at the tallest gear possible at any given speed, to not lug the engine, thus maximizing mechanical work done during the combustion cycle. This effect is well-documented for naturally aspirated gasoline engines, but I'm not...
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    Another Valve Cover Leak Thread

    Hi All, I have decided that the lower CCV delete isn't the best for oil leaks... My valve cover is leaking worse than ever despite my best efforts, and the blocked-off vent on the crank case is probably not helping. I will be replacing all the upper gaskets along with reinstalling the lower CCV...
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    Clutch Judder K7003801

    I've always experienced a significant clutch engagement judder with my TDI - both with the original clutch and after a by-the-book replacement with the stock Sachs "Quiet" K7003801 clutch. Brand new stock Sachs flywheel. Flywheel and pressure plate torqued to spec evenly. I have stock hydraulic...
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    Fans Run After Shutoff... Normal?

    Hey guys, I’ve noticed on hot days that the fans will run for a few minutes after shutting off the car. This has happened in several instances regardless of how hard I was driving the car, It appears to be a built in feature since the fans do eventually shut themselves off, although I don’t...
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    A/C System Refresh... economic purgatory

    My A/C has started to struggle on hot days. Last recharge was 2 years ago after which performance has been remarkably good, but slowly degrading. I believe the system probably needs an entire go-through to renew hoses, o-rings and potentially a new compressor. As we well know, this entails...
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    Was the TDI the first VW Drive-By-Wire Car?

    Apparently, the first TDI came in the 1989 Audi 100. However, I am not sure if that pump was electronically controlled. Come to think of it, I cannot think of an earlier VW that came with a drive-by-wire accelerator system (there is technically not a "throttle" pedal in a TDI). Is this correct?
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    Ceramic Front Brake Pads

    Does anyone know of high-quality ceramic pads that fit the mk3 front calipers? Better yet, any recommendations? I have searched high and low and have not been able to find any. I currently have Akebonos on the rear of the car (since I have the mk4-style disc conversion and calipers) but the...
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    Chirping on Cold Startups

    Hi guys, I’m getting a chirping noise that slowly began to arise from the belts that only occurs on cold morning startups and goes away once the car has warmed up. There is an audible chirp every time the crankshaft turns around. The serpentine belt was changed at the same time as the timing...
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    CTN Transmission

    I have a CTN transmission for the Mk3 / B4 TDIs. Frankly, unknown mileage, but I put 30,000 miles on it and it shifted flawlessly the entire time. Does not fit Mk4 cars. Located in Los Angeles / Inland Empire, SoCal. Asking $600. You can text me at 909 Seven Four Two -2Nine86.
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    Cylinder Head Lifespan

    What is the lifespan of a 1Z/AHU cylinder head and how would one know if it has worn past its safe lifespan? I have essentially unknown mileage on my engine (previous owner had swapped out the original cluster) and I'm not sure if there is a way to effectively measure wear of the cylinder head...
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    Battery Holding Solutions?

    I’m looking for a solution for clamping down the battery. Sadly, the stock hold down clamp doesn’t fit my particular battery too well and it periodically lets go of the battery. Has anyone fashioned a hold-down or know of a suitable kit or method for strapping down the battery on these cars?
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    Buzzing N75

    I've recently noticed a loud electrical buzzing from my N75 valve that persists for a minute or two after shutoff. It doesn't always happen, which leads me to believe there is some kind of fault. Car operation is otherwise normal. Does anyone have experience with why this might be happening?
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    Testing Coolant Glow Plugs

    I have a few questions about the coolant glow plugs: What are the standard operating parameters for the coolant glow plugs? When do they operate and under what conditions? How do I test whether they are working? How critical are they for a car in a temperate climate like Southern California...