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    Strange Controllers in B5.5

    I just did a full scan using 00 to FF on my 2005 Passat TDI (manual transmission) using VCDS version I wanted to find all the controllers in order to make a custom scan file for my vehicle. I ended up finding 01, 03, 15, 16, 17, 19, 33, 3F, 46, and 56. The 33 and 3F controllers...
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    Three cylinder 1.4 TDI!

    not mine and I cannot vouch for the seller. But, if true, this is too good to let it get away. Somewhere, there is an old Caddy needing a conversion...
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    Toyota equivalent of VCDS

    I have the Hex-USB+CAN VCDS cable for my VWs, but what is the equivalent for a 2015 Toyota? I do not want a generic reader, just something that is closest to a VCDS in terms of functionality and price.
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    Possible conversion candidate? 2004 variant, 4 Motion and manual

    I saw this in a local group and it may interest someone here. it is a 2004 variant, manual transmission and 4 motion. The problem is that it is a gasser. Question to the experts out there - how hard would it be to drop a BHW/ manual...
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    WTB: 16 inch rims for 2005 Passat

    Need four 16 inch rims for my 2005 Passat. Just found a crack in one... Currently have the stock 7 spoke rims 3B0601025L. Prefer to pickup in the Northern VA/ DC area. Would consider tires too if 205 55R16.
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    Hit on rear bumper

    My wife was hit on the rear bumper at a stoplight. First cursory glance shows the only damage to be an imprint of the edges of the offending vehicle's license plate. I can live with that rather than endure the insurance/repair hassle. But, I still have not looked underneath at the bumper...
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    B5.5 headlight wiring harness

    TDIclub member "Newzboys" is offering headlight harnesses for Mk IVs in this thread I asked him if he had any for the B5.5. He then asked if any of the ones he is offering can be used on the Passat. Does anyone know if they are interchangeable...
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    Trade value 2005 Passat GL variant

    Chris Farnham (3193) needs some help valuing a 2005 Passat GL Variant in the for sale forum over here
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    Fried Positive Battery Cables

    On Wednesday I notices some wispy smoke coming up from the cowling. After pulling over and popping the hood, I discovered it was coming from the positive cables on the battery. The smaller diameter cable going to the fuse block was smoking and melted/burned about 2" of insulation. The clamp...
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    Setting ECU clock?

    When I scan my my 2007 Eos (2.0T gas) with my VCDS, an error will be logged like this: 1 Fault Found: 00003 - Control Module 014 - Defective Freeze Frame: Fault Status: 01101110 Fault Priority: 5 Fault...
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    Replacing rear caliper seals

    When I was changing the rear pads of my Passat, I found one of the rubber dust(?) seals was torn. The caliper is undamaged and it is not leaking any fluid, so I am not going to pull the piston to replace the seal. My question is what should I use to clean the area around the piston and under...
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    Normal Operating Temperatures?

    What is the normal water temperature for the BHW? I thought it is ~190F. Taking the readings from my scanguage II, I am only getting around 175 with the heat on and an ambient temp around 50. Today it was around 187 at 60F. Of course, the worthless temp gauge on the dash is straight up @...
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    OMG! VW may join NASCAR

    German Engineering meets the Good 'Ol Boys... Published: Saturday, November 21, 2009 Volkswagen program head in Homestead for NASCAR finale By Jenna Fryer Associatedd Press HOMESTEAD, Fla. — The head of Volkswagen's motor sports program is at Homestead-Miami Speedway...
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    Veyron Down! Driven into Salt Marsh...

    What a putz. He drove his Veyron off the road into a salt marsh...
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    Vibration in Steering at Low Speed

    My Passat has acquired a vibration in the steering wheel at low speeds (less than 10 mph). It feels like a metal on metal rubbing. It is present turning left or right, but not going straight. I do not have any "clunking" or loud sounds outside the car. The vibration goes away at higher...
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    Right-to-Repair Law Proposed ... for Cars May 20th, 2009 Right-to-Repair Law Proposed ... for Cars Legislative Analysis by Fred von Lohmann It's not often that you get former...
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    Debate the BS module failure rate thread

    Riles246 - Your failure rate is way too low. I would guess that the majority of the Passat TDI owners are not aware of the TDI Club or the balance shaft problem. Therefore, those case will most likely not be reported. Now, look at the population of B5 TDI owners here and how many have had...
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    Worst dealer markup on a JSW TDI?

    I nominate Springfield VW in Virginia for the worst markup on a Jetta Sportwagen TDI - $3995 on top of MSRP :eek::eek::eek: And that is for a stripped down model too - automatic, no sunroof, no electric seats, no nav. MSRP was between 24-25K.
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    Beware of "2007" Jetta TDIs on Craigslist

    There have been a number of postings lately about 2007 Jettas TDIs for sale on Craigslist. People have been posting the ones they found locally. Well, here's the US-wide scoop. Using the following search in google "2007 Jetta TDI -directory" (paste in everything between...
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    Convert your Sprinter to a Crafter!

    If anyone wants to make their Sprinter into a VW Crafter, then here's two links for you: Now, you too can have a nice big VW...