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    Thinking of giving up on VW - advice?

    Hi everyone. I have always respected the people on this forum and so am coming to the community for advice. I own a 2009 tdi sportwagen with 131,000 km. I love driving the car and have been meticulous on maintenance. I am now at the point of selling and giving up on VW forever. Here's why...
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    Driving to TDI Fest, 2010

    Hey everybody, just writing to say the wife and I are excited to meet the Fred's Forum gang in Portland. We are leaving in the AM from Yellowknife with a long stretch of road to Fort Nelson, BC. From there it's on to Skagway, AK and onto the Alaska Marine Ferry this Tuesday, 7 am. Drive off...
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    Yellowknifer makes bio-diesel, tries to form Co-op

    Would anyone put this stuff in their 09' tdi? ....I didn't think so :cool: Yellowknifer turning used vegetable oil into bio-diesel fuel Yellowknife, N.W.T. - An innovative Yellowknifer is turning gallons of used vegetable oil into diesel for trucks and homes. Restaurants across...
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    Mackenzie River Ice Bridge - Just Made It!

    Photos: Mackenzie Ice Bridge Hi, I was down south for a quick trip, and service (thanks tdi forum for recommending Midtown Automotive in Calgary :) ). Made it back to the Mackenzie River crossing on the day it was scheduled to close to all traffic. Trucks were still allowed across so got a tow...
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    One Windshield Wiper Stopped Working!

    Has this happened to any other 09 Jetta TDI owners? Came out from work and sprayed the windshield wiper fluid and only the drivers side wiper worked. Not sure what to do, it will be awhile before I can make it to a dealer. I inspected the passenger side wiper and it doesn't appear loose or...
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    2 percent biodiesel mandated by the (Cdn) federal gov't

    Thought you guys would find this interesting.,..stock opportunity I wonder? Work gears up on Vegreville biodiesel plant Federal fuel standards create new demand By Dave Cooper, Edmonton JournalMarch 19, 2010 Canada's largest biodiesel plant, which will crush 500,000 tonnes of...
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    Anyone riding on Dunlop Direzza's?

    I am considering replacing the stock Conti's with summer Dunlop Direzza z1 star specs. I know it might be overkill for a stock JSW but from what I have read they are amazing. Anyone have experience with these tires?
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    Stealership story, great dealership, warranty, road trip

    Hey, I just made an awesome journey from Yellowknife to Las Vegas and back in three weeks. Had a blast, did about 10,000 km total. The car performed perfectly, 09' TDI JSW. Got my first service done at Utah Imports in Salt Lake City and have to say those guys are awesome. They are recommended on...
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    Toyota FJ Cruiser down, '09 TDI Wagen back

    It's official, I got out of a lease on my 2007 Toyota FJ Cruiser and bought the TDI Sportwagen. Since I had to drive from Yellowknife NWT to Calgary to pick it up I thought it would be cool to log the real world difference in gas mileage. Here's what my trip looked like going down in the FJ...