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  1. JDSwan87

    Capital City BMX

    Hey Leon, You complimented my brother on his mk4 at the BMX state qualifier. Just a shout out if you're on here, he appreciates it!
  2. JDSwan87

    Exploded New MAP Sensor

    I have already contacted the vendor regarding what to do about a replacement. So I bought a new intercooler for my BEW and a replacement MAP sensor since my old one was damaged upon removal. Well, I installed all the new bits, swapped the MAP that came with the intercooler out like the vendor...
  3. JDSwan87

    For Sale: MKIV Jetta Hood Bra (48182)

    SOLD! Black MKIV Jetta hood bra with "JETTA" embroidered on it. Good usable condition. Can provide pics upon request, will add some to this thread in the next few days. SOLD $115 shipped OBO (not sure what these are worth exactly)
  4. JDSwan87

    00741 Fault Brake Pedal Monitoring Help

    99.5 Jetta flashing glow plug light. VCDS scan yielded a 00741 fault, Brake Pedal Monitoring Implausible Signal. Foot off brake, VCDS measuring group 006, block 2 shows 001 (I know it should be 000). Pedal pressed shows 011. I disconnected the switch and VCDS shows a 011. Car harness Pin 2 & 3...
  5. JDSwan87

    Harmonic Balancer fell off, need advice

    A friends harmonic balancer fell off his ALH. Old harmonic balancer is gone, happened on highway. Based on the pics, did the engine slip time? [/url][/IMG] [/url][/IMG] EDIT: The bolt was found in his driveway. The failure occurred on the highway, loud racket, battery light came on, then 2...
  6. JDSwan87

    Fly and Drive Vehicle purchase tips?

    Looking at vehicles in Texas due to living in the Rust Belt. I'm looking specifically in Dallas, TX due to having a close friend who lives there. He's already agreed to go look at vehicles for me. Any other tips to ask for before I book a plane ticket?
  7. JDSwan87

    Mk4 Jetta/Golf Steel Engine Skid Plate: Toledo, OH

    SOLD SOLD SOLD For sale: Galvanized Steel skid plate for 99.5-05 Golf or Jetta. Uses the same hardware as the DieselGeek Panzer (from what I'm told). Hardware kit and posts will cost you $140 shipped from DieselGeek. There is NO hardware or posts included in this sale. Asking $110 picked up...
  8. JDSwan87

    New TDIClub Merchandise Available!!

    Noticed today the pictures on the main page changed. New merchandise available everyone!
  9. JDSwan87

    Possible New-to-me vehicle purchase

    So in roughly 1 month, we will have a new addition to the family. I naively thought I could fit 2 car seats in the back of my 2005 Jetta wagon. While yes, they do indeed fit, there is no way I can drive with a forward facing carseat behind my drivers seat. Rear facing takes up more space. So, I...
  10. JDSwan87

    Spotted! Temperance MI!

    I've seen you ripping around lately. You are in a blue ALH 5spd Jetta, pretty sure it's tuned. Also has a yellow front plate (John Deere? CAT?). I was behind you for a few miles, we exchanged waves, then I turned into my driveway on Lewis. I'd love to meet up and just exchange numbers. (This...
  11. JDSwan87

    Replace BEW intercooler as preventative maintenance?

    So my BEW has 196k miles in it and the intercooler piping is oil soaked and I'm sure all the oil o ring seals are blown out. Car is an automatic with a RC1, complete dad mobile, nothing special. My question is, is it worth it to replace the intercooler as preventative maintenance? Do...
  12. JDSwan87

    MKIV Drivers drivers door upgraded window clips

    Front and rear drivers door MKIV upgraded window clips, bought for my 05, but it's already been done. This is the complete cast aluminum assembly. $30 shipped for the pair.
  13. JDSwan87

    FREE: 2 MKIV Alternator cores, you pay shipping

    SCRAPPED! No interest... Free, you pay shipping. 2 MKIV Alternator cores, both removed due to battery light coming on and unit not charging. Each came off a different car. I will pitch these if no interest...
  14. JDSwan87

    Proactively replace turbo?

    Anyone proactively replace a turbo NOT as an upgrade? I have a 193k mile 2005 Jetta BEW auto with the original KP39 turbo. Still boosts fine and the engine as a whole uses about 1qt every 8k miles. I'm wondering if I should replace with a VNT17 just as a proactive measure so I don't have a...
  15. JDSwan87

    MKIV 09A ATF fluid check plug location?

    Where is it?? I know point #1 is the main drain... EDIT: Found it!! It's #4 the 5mm hex. Use the square end, not ball end to break it loose, it's TIGHT! I tried to upload the picture to the TDIClub forum but it was too large and I'm posting from my phone, apologies. Sent from my SM-G920V...
  16. JDSwan87

    NEW OEM NOS 1J0-959-753-T VW Key Fobs

    Gone! Sold! No Longer Available! I have 5 of these 1J0-959-753-T key fobs, all new. Genuine OEM VW. 1J0959753T These are now FREE to anyone who sends me a picture of their fob (with the same part number) with their user name or personal name in the photograph.
  17. JDSwan87

    NEW! Taco Taco AARodriguez Upgraded ALH Intercooler

    SOLD for $150 shipped Asking $160 obo shipped in CONUS. PM me if you're interested Sent from my SM-G920V using Tapatalk
  18. JDSwan87

    Viewing pictures in threads

    Why do I always get the little icon that says "images only for use on TDIClub pages by club members". Then when I click on that image thinking it's a link, it just blows up the image. Viewing using Google chrome on my Samsung SM-G920V while signed into TDIClub.
  19. JDSwan87

    Selling the Mk4 parts hoard! Lots of great parts! Thread updated every bump.

    For Sale: (1) Pair MKIV Wagon Taillights, complete with bulb holders. 8/10 condition. $100 shipped for the pair. (1) hazard switch with white circuit board. 10/10 condition.$12 shipped (1) hazard switch with green circuit board. This switch can be modified to eliminate the fast blink that...
  20. JDSwan87