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    intermediate shaft seal tore

    My uncle got this incoming Passat TDI wagon and the owner suspects the intermediate shart seal is bad. We'll just finish installing the suspension and moto metal wheels on the truck this week before we can clear the garage and take her in.
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    The "What did you do to your B4 today" thread...

    Neat and shiny! Nice ride
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    The NARFmobile, My 2001 Golf TDI

    That's one tough 2001 TDI and keeps getting look better!
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    Lifted GTDI Build

    Nice new stance! How's it so far?
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    Buy Injectors whole or just Nozzles

    Good to hear Darkside is recommended here. My buddy is looking to get their injectors for his incoming TDI project after we finished installing the suspension from 4Wheelonline onto the Wrangler and clear the garage.
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    New to TDIClub? Introduce yourself here!

    You are in the right place for knowledge! Welcome
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    Inspection due soon....

    Thank you!
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    Inspection due soon....

    I got to find that file as well.
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    Clattering sound

    Good resource for the next person.
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    2005 passat Fuse Question

    Alright, I will get one as well. My younger brother got this TDI project we'll work on after we finished installing the set of wheels from 4Wheelonline onto his Jeep TJ.
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    Strut mount bearings

    My mechanic buddy got this 2000 Jetta TDI project. I'll ask how much he charges for the job. I'm bringing the truck tomorrow for the installation of the brake kit and nitto at tires plus the headache rack. $500 seems a steep price imo.
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    Best company for car shipping ?

    You definitely need to check the reviews before getting their service.
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    TDI @ church.

    It would be cool to ready the camera and take some shots of the sightings in the future.
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    That's a lot of sightings in a short time.
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    4,500 Miles from San Francisco to Moline, IL and Back

    Wonderful solo journey! Glad you made it through the challenges and enjoyed the trip very much.
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    2000 Miles from SFO to Missoula

    Wonderful scenery there! Nice adventure
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    Glad it weren’t my wagon

    Another Q7 worth the trust.
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    Glad it weren’t my wagon

    Ouch! Good hear you are safe. That's a tough car with that speed of head-on collision.
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    New to TDIClub? Introduce yourself here!

    Welcome to the forums!
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    cv grease

    Good info PH. My buddy got this 2000 Jetta GLS we'll be working on right after we finished installing the brake kit, balance wheels and tires on the Silverado. It seems grease had messed the flange parts on the cv joints, there might be more mess by the previous owner.