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  1. JDSwan87

    FS: 2003 OE Radio/Cassette/CD unit, New Hampshire $25

    Do you have the radio code also?
  2. JDSwan87

    brake and turn signal lights.

    Blown fuse?
  3. JDSwan87

    09A solenoids where to source?

    Many have had good luck purchasing from Cobra Transmission.
  4. JDSwan87

    What did you do to your MKIV today?

    Link please to these!
  5. JDSwan87

    FS: 2002 Golf ALH TDI 5-speed Original Owner 242K mi Boston, $2500

    If it's got tires, its gonna be trouble.... Edit: made it G rated.
  6. JDSwan87

    Got her running

    Nice work Doug!!!
  7. JDSwan87

    What did you do to your MKIV today?

    Here ya go Pak Protector...
  8. PakProtectors Jetta Find

    PakProtectors Jetta Find

  9. 63054.jpeg


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  14. JDSwan87

    What did you do to your MKIV today?

    Does it come with the roll of sealer stuff or just the clips?
  15. JDSwan87

    Two tone 04 wagon interior stock?

    Interior has been swapped around. Not a bad thing IMO if you're into that kind of thing.
  16. JDSwan87

    Side skirts from GLI the same for a wagon ?

    I swore I read somewhere that MKIV GLI side skirts will bolt right into a MKIV wagon.
  17. JDSwan87

    Midwest Light Creations- HID Headlights and Retrofit Kits (Headlights by Jeff)

    If I'm not mistaken, MKIV Jetta glass lenses are sold out everywhere (if that's what you ordered). Damn pandemic...
  18. JDSwan87

    FS Fully Marinized 1.9 ALH M-TDI

    I just want to see pics, it sounds like an awesome build. Free bump!