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  1. OnePutt

    2015 Q7 vs. 2015/16 MB GL350?

    Hello - I've been looking to buy a Q7 (TDI of course) for a while now, but wanted to know if anybody has compared the Q7 against the MB GL 350 BlueTEC. I have a 2013 Touareg TDI, so I sort of know what I'm getting into w/ the Q7. I've read lots about the pano roof and Air Suspension on the...
  2. OnePutt

    How to check restitution claim on TDI

    Hi - I am shopping for a Q7 TDI. Is there a way to check the VW claims portal and determine if a current owner has received the restitution payment on a specific vehicle? I've been to the VW claims portal, but don't see if there is a way to determine if the payment has already been settled...
  3. OnePutt

    WTB - OEM stock Downpipe for 2005 TDI (BEW)

    I'm looking for a stock OEM, unmodified, Downpipe for a 2005 BEW TDI shipped to 94002. Thanks
  4. OnePutt

    WTB: Stock BEW ECU and DP

    Anybody around the Bay Area have a stock BEW ECU and Down Pipe to sell? Edit: I found an ECU. Just looking for the stock Down Pipe now.
  5. OnePutt

    Rear Axle Bushing tool

    Anybody local have a tool to remove and install rear axle bushings for a MK4? I'm not looking forward to doing this, but I'm going back to an OEM suspension on the Jetta and my rear's been clunking pretty hard lately. thanks, Ryan
  6. OnePutt

    WTB: OEM Suspension for MKIV Jetta Wagon

    Bought a 2005 PD on Coilovers. Looks GREAT, but I'd rather have a nice stock feel, so I'm looking for something OEM. Here is what I'm looking for. Front: It would be nice to find some Front VR6 Jetta Wagon Springs (2 blue/2 white dots) or a front Shines. Rear: Stock Wagons Shocks: Will...
  7. OnePutt

    Where to buy Cat-1R-0750 locally? (Bay Area - South Bay/Peninsula)

    Anybody know where I can buy a Cat 1R-0750 fuel filter in the SF Bay Area? Preferably in the South Bay or Peninsula?
  8. OnePutt

    "Whoosh" noise when accelerating between 1800-2200 RPM

    2005 Jetta Wagon - VNT-17 - Eurojet SMIC - RC2+ I bought the car a year ago as an automatic, but had an issue with shifting gears, so the car sat for the last 9 months. Recently got it back into working condition and I hear a WHOOSH noise when accelerating between 1800 RPM and 2200 / 2300...
  9. OnePutt

    WTB: 2 ALH Blocks with crank

    ****update 10/26 - I think I've got a lock on what I need for this. Thanks to all those that responded**** I am hoping to find somebody with two (outside chance) that they want to sell so I can have 1 pallet shipped. Prefer not to have any super high mileage blocks. I don't need pistons or...
  10. OnePutt

    Sunna of Mother F^$@ *(%^ $^!^ )#@$ $%#* - Any ideas?

    I have a knack for buying cars with bad transmissions...maybe its a sign that I should just stop buying Automatic POSs... 2001 Golf TDI - O1M...'nuff said...swapped out to an 02M :) 2002 Acura TL-S - Tranny replaced 24k, 56k, 137k 2005 Jetta TDI Wagon Automatic Tiptronic - Feels like the...
  11. OnePutt

    Bay Area RyanP Group Buy

    What's going on Bay Area? I'm not sure if this is going to work but I'm going to give it a shot...I was about to order a PD150 manifold from RyanP and thought it would be cool to cast a wider net to the rest of the Bay Area clubbers to see if there is any interest in getting a group order...
  12. OnePutt

    Limp mode issue. (i know...I know...another one)

    Limp mode issue (sorry...another one) 2005 Jetta Wagon I bought it w/ an AFE CAI (which I would like to replace w/ a PD150 TIP...but besides the point). RC2 tune, VNT17, EJ SMIC. I needed to pass SMOG so I put a stock air box on and on my way to the station, my car went into Limp Mode, CEL...
  13. OnePutt

    2005 Jetta Wagon

    I've always thought that a car wasn't yours until you took a wrench to it...until now. On Saturday, I woke up @ 3:30 a.m. to catch a 7:00 flight from SFO > SEA and was back home in SF by 1:00 a.m. w/ this baby... The guy I bought the car from not only put all quality parts into it, but he kept...
  14. OnePutt

    WTB: Key FOB for 2001 Jetta

    As the title states, I am looking for a key FOB for a 2001 Jetta. P/N: 1J0 959 753 F PM me with what you have. Thanks
  15. OnePutt

    Any body have a hydraulic press?

    Hey all, I am doing a suspension refresh on the Jetta today. Does anybody in the Bay Area have a hydraulic press that they'd be willing to help me press a few bushings into the LCA's? I was trying to get the LCA's out before 5:00 so I could take it to a shop to do, but it's running late and...
  16. OnePutt

    TDI Eurovan

    *This is not my car. Only posting for those that might be interested. This is on the Bay Area Craigslist site. Man...If I only had the money for this! $28k seems steep for a 10 year old car, but DANG! Me lieky!
  17. OnePutt

    Titan 502 nozzles

    I was in the process of looking for some Bosio Race 520, but after speaking w/ some very reliable resources on this site (you guys know who the big nozzle vendors are), I ended up purchasing these new Titan 502's from Aaron @ With short notice, Aaron had them mounted, pop tested...
  18. OnePutt

    Part Number for Bosch Starter for 6 speed (manual)

    The cars been having issues starting lately and today it went kaput! I got to my destination, turned off my engine and when I got back in to fire her no workee. I've read all the posts on hard start/no start. I've got 12 volts going to the starter wire, i hear a click sound when I...
  19. OnePutt

    Mr. Clean Magic Eraser to clean a Steering Wheel

    I was trolling around the VWVortex forum one day and came across a FS ad of some guy selling his R32 steering wheel and airbag for $250 (USD) shipped. I thought this was a good deal especially since shipping airbags requires special handling. Anyways, he sent me pics of the wheel and it...
  20. OnePutt

    WTB: ALH motor in/near Reno, NV

    This is a long shot, but its worth a try. I have a friend in the Reno, NV area that is working on a project for a 2002 Jetta and is in need of an ALH motor. He found one on Craigslist in San Mateo, CA, but it would be nice to NOT have to drive 4/5 hours away. PM me w/ details if you have a...