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  1. slamhouse

    I miss you guys

    Been out of the club for a while since my new purchase(2007 audi q7 4.2l v8) and felt like saying hi. My power enhancement was going from the 130hp TDI to a 350hp V8 :) Unfortunately, i only get 16mpg and I miss my jetta incredibly. might buy another!
  2. slamhouse

    over 200k miles all original :)

    Over 200k miles on all the original equipment. Oil changes every 10k miles with liquimoly 5-40 and the only issue currently is oil consumption. This car has been nothing but reliable and dependable. This is a 2006 Betts tdi pd brm Thought this forum could use a positive post!
  3. slamhouse

    feeler on a 2006 jetta tdi special edition

    Trying to get a ballpark figure on what you guys would pay for this girl and if it sounds about right, I might sell her. She's a 2006 jetta tdi special edition that just turned 200k miles. She is flawless in condition other than the drivers seat that has cracks in the leather. Everything is...
  4. slamhouse

    Im Stumped

    I've been to every autopart store in town and every one says that they can't get spark plugs for my 06 tdi. Is this a dealership only part? Becayse the dealership here in Everett said their computers couldn't pull anything up either... The last mechanic that worked on it said he replaced the...
  5. slamhouse

    100k miles on Green Diesel tune!

    Just passed 100k miles of driving with the green diesel engineering tune. Car has 180k miles. Still runs and drives perfect and never had an issue. 50mpg every tank with 30% more power than stock :) Everything is original including the clutch and flywheel. Only money I've ever put into the car...
  6. slamhouse

    alh in a boat?

    As the title states, would swapping an alh into a boat be a sensible idea? Not sure how the alh handles constant heavy load...
  7. slamhouse

    Permission to reference the forums for legal dispute?

    I have tried sending a PM to a moderator in the past to no avail. I am currently dealing with a warranty issue and am pursuing a small claims trial. This thread describes my issue: I am requesting persimission to reference threads on Tdiclub...
  8. slamhouse

    Photo of the day

    Enjoy :D
  9. slamhouse

    Feedback on potential 2004 audi allroad purchase

    Going to look at this car this weekend and looking for some insight on common issue points on the car and anything else I might need to know. Thanks, Cory
  10. slamhouse

    Delete multiple pictures from server at once?

    Is there a quicker way to delete pictures from the server than clicking the delete button in the edit section of each photo? This can be extremely time consuming, especially when the pictures I want to delete are not on the first page... Thanks, Cory
  11. slamhouse

    Anyone running this performance clutch?

    Is anyone in the washington area running this performance clutch kit? I want to get a feel for the clutch before I buy it :)
  12. slamhouse

    I'm having an affair and I hate it!

    Whilst the Jetta is in the body shop due to being rear-ended, I was paired with a 2010 dodge avenger from enterprise. This has been the utmost tragic experience of my life. The interior is tragically cheap and excruciatingly ugly and uncomfortable. The exterior is bulky. The driving experience...
  13. slamhouse

    Interest in a tool rental Vendor?

    How many of you would be interested in a Vendor with specialty tool rentals only? Tool rental fees would be 1/8th the cost of the tool plus shipping. Thanks, Cory
  14. slamhouse

    Happy Holidays!

    Happy Holidays to all you TDIClub members! Be sure to find a special gift for that special VW in your life :)
  15. slamhouse

    Flywheel weight logic?

    This thread is aimed at those of you that know the parasitic losses between compression and power strokes given a different weight flywheel. From what i've gathered thus far, diesels like heavy flywheels to bridge the gap from power to compression stroke especially in smaller diesel engines...
  16. slamhouse

    Too many stickies!

    In the TDI101 section, there are 14 stickes, I have to sroll down 2 full pages just to find the first non-stickied thread. I see a couple that should be in the "HOW-TO's" sticky alone. Would we be able to consolidate and remove a few of these stickies, I think we've been getting carried away...
  17. slamhouse

    MKV Jetta DMF and clutch recommendations?

    I've done some searching and some reading, but as a general consensus, I find that people like to upgrade to a SMF for performance builds. My goal here is to have a clutch strong enough for 230hp and 350ft. lbs. While maintaining a light pedal similar to stock. I also will NOT go with a SMF, I...
  18. slamhouse

    Toggle switch for elevated idle

    This winter so far has been bone-chillingly cold. In the morning I often am perching two un-used shoes against the throttle to elevate the idle to ~1500rpm which results in a nice toasty car in about 10 minutes. I'm curious if it is a viable option to tap into the throttle pedal position...
  19. slamhouse

    Optimal injection duration during acceleration?

    Maybe this might not be common knowledge, but at what point does our little diesel begin wasting fuel in terms of efficiency during acceleration with regards to injection duration? Say, after 30 crank angle degrees injection duration, the 1.9l becomes less efficient? Better yet, where is the...
  20. slamhouse

    Just have to brag :)

    Changed the oil again today. Mileage since last change: 13,569 miles Oil consumtion: only .2 qaurts! I use liquimoly 5/40 full synthetic every time and run this car HARD!