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    Procedure for rebuilding AC much refrigerant, oil, torque specs?

    What are you using to charge the system? An AC machine? Cans from Autozone?
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    Procedure for rebuilding AC much refrigerant, oil, torque specs?

    I've read through most of the above... So if I missed a detail, sue me. You indicated that the shop wants to flush the condenser, why? Do they suapect a restriction? If so, what were the running pressures that made them think that? Now that the refrigerant has been recovered, how much? Any...
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    The "What did you do to your B4 today" thread...

    Hey Abacus - warms my heart that you are continuing on with the B4V! - pictures are not coming up... :-(
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    Windshield cowl part 3B1819415EB41 discontinued?

    Wouldn't be surprised it's NLA - custom molded plastic body pieces are usually the first items to stop production when a model gets old enough - last time these cars were produced was 16 years ago... :-(
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    My BSM delete experience

    Glad you got her done - I deleted my BSM many moons ago, and would not want to do it in the heat in AZ. creative save on the snapped tap - they are very hard metal, and near impossible to drill. If the tap snapped, the hole was probably too narrow, or could have used a lot more back and forth...
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    BHW/01E 6 Speed Swap

    240mm, 5.5mm spacer
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    BHW/01E 6 Speed Swap

    Wanted to update this thread... For clutch selection, I went with the DMF/sachs SRE combo, obtained through Darkside: I now have 300,000km on the swap, and the transmission...
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    BSM delete... How far should subframe drop?

    Are you supporting the engine with a bar/fixture of some sort? if so, take the subframe out completely... That's what I did. Harbor freight makes a bar that works just fine:
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    1.9 only turbo diesel non tdi engine code AAZ

    A little late to the party, but wanted to note that this engine (owned one in a 95 golf) runs on exactly one wire once it is started - the power to the fuel shutoff solenoid. Other than that, the engine requires exactly zero electrical power to run. Makes for an excellent zombie apocalypse...
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    Replacing the camshaft

    Biggest watch-out seems to be the break-in procedure for the new cam. Involves a high-zddp break in oil and some specific instructions. Failure to follow proper break-in has led to a number of reports of premature failure on replancement cams in BHW, BRM, BEW engines. There is also a special...
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    Another manual swap

    Not in NoVa, but had e-tests performed on my swapped Passat for four years until the emissions testing program was scrapped up here. With a proper swap (5 or 6 speed) and most importantly, a tune, you should have no problem passing either mechancal or emissions testing.
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    Engine noise

    From your video it's hard to say... If it were my job to diagnose, I would use a stethoscope to listen and find out where the noise is coming from /loudest. If the noise is loudest at the bellhousing, flywheel or clutch (DMF?). Loudest at the valve cover or block? Start opening up the engine...
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    AHU will not start

    Bad switch failure mode is almost always a "no crank". Do you have access to a 17mm wrench and an assistant? Crack one of the injector nuts off and see if you get fuel while cranking and report back. Alternatively, does the tailpipe smell like fuel while cranking?
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    2015 Volkswagen Highline Passat TDI DIESEL - SUPER LOW KM!!

    Eh? What was the reason the drivetrain was replaced? What was the issue with the original drivetrain? Where did the replacement drivetrain come from? How many km on the replacement drivetrain at the time of the swap? Who did the swap? So many questions...
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    Mechanical Timing off, but doesn’t make sense

    Because no one has mentioned it... If one is using non-sanctioned parts on an engine (for reference, only used a 17-050 kit on my B4V years back and had zero issues) one can verify TDC by removing #1 glow plug and using a piece of wire as a depth gauge in the GP hole to the top of the piston...
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    B5.5 Outer Drivers Door Handle

    The outer door handle is attached to the lock mechanism by a small cable. If it started working again, then the cable is probably fine and the problem is with the lock itself. I would try lubing the lock with a penetrant, and of the problem persists, then plan on replacing the lock assembly...
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    5-spd swapped wagon, I luv wagons, working through issues

    Meant replace the TP gasket, or the Pump (plus gasket). Personally at that mileage, I would replace the pump and the gasket, plus the coolant manifold underneath
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    5-spd swapped wagon, I luv wagons, working through issues

    You mention above that the Tandem pump gasket has been seeping/leaking . just order a TP or gasket, and the Coolant manifold underneath (with CTS) and do them all at the same time. I replaced my Tandem pump proactively at 300k km as insurance against an internal leak putting diesel into the oil
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    First start after new cam & balance shaft delete

    Additionally, it would be a good idea to crank the engine over with the glowplugs out and the fuel harness disconnected to build oil pressure prior to start
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    First start after new cam & balance shaft delete

    By your title it sounds like you deleted your cam.... Please clarify, you deleted the balance shaft, as well as replaced the camshaft, 5 months ago and the engine sat un-started from then until now?