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  1. Miss_Athanatos

    Saw this on a local group Jetta SEL

  2. Miss_Athanatos

    Open Recall

    I got a call about an hour ago from the dealership in Lawrence, KS from which I purchased my TDI back in 2015. The service manager said she wanted to inform me about an "open recall" on my car. It was awfully strange because I have never brought my TDI to their dealership for service and...
  3. Miss_Athanatos

    2015 GSW 4th year service

    Drove a couple hundred miles to get my 4th year service done at the "local" VW dealership. They've been really great to work with through Dieselgate, and the service manager is a wealth of knowledge. I asked about whether they'd had many people come in for the recall, or whether it was mostly...
  4. Miss_Athanatos

    MPG discussion - Sportwagen

    I scooted up to Nebraska last night to pick up some glasses for a friend. I got a photo of the bottom corner of my GPS showing where I had my cruise set (60 mph), plus the dash screen showing range, etc. So here's the breakdown: I kept the cruise set at 65 mph in Kansas and then 60 mph after...
  5. Miss_Athanatos

    OBD2 Lock - VW Maintenance Visit

    I just got back from the final visit to BMW Volkswagen of Topeka on the 3-year/30K extended warranty on the original purchase of my 2015 GSW TDI. Every time I go there, their service department is just top notch. They signed my "anti-fix" paperwork, I signed their paperwork declining the...
  6. Miss_Athanatos

    Keyless key failure

    When I purchased my GSW back in July 2015, the salesman told me that if the keyless "key" battery died, all I had to do was put the key fob on the door handle and the doors would unlock. He also told me that I would then have to put the key fob on the start button in order to start the engine...
  7. Miss_Athanatos

    2015 gsw tdi s

    Fahrvergnügen. 2015 Golf SportWagen TDI S. Tornado Red. Beige & black interior. 6-speed manual transmission. It is so fun and nimble to drive
  8. Miss_Athanatos

    Lock for OBDII port

    I had intended to post in this forum last night, but apparently I made an error. I hope the admins will forgive me and delete my post in the MKVII forum if that's what needs to be. Because I have a Ram diesel pickup (they come stock with no fuel caps), I picked up a locking fuel cap from a...
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    OBDII Port Lock

    I am not getting the "fix" done on my vehicle, but I also purchased an extended warranty back in 2015. While the guys who have done warranty service on my TDI are great, mistakes can happen. Anyway, a company I do business with for my Cummins pickup (www.bem-auto) has announced they're working...
  10. Miss_Athanatos

    Locking Billet Cap for TDI

    There's this company that made a neat locking cap for the capless Ram Trucks: I have one of their locking caps on my Ram 3500. They're now in the process of making a locking billet cap for the GSW TDI. I got one of their testing units for my SportWagen. The testing unit is...
  11. Miss_Athanatos

    Braking or upshifting question

    When driving down a highway with a lot of deep hills, how high do you let your engine rev up on the downhill side? What do you do to manage RPMs: upshift or brake? -- Nicole
  12. Miss_Athanatos

    BMW VW of Topeka - 2015 TDIs soldout

    Got my second warranty oil change today at BMW VW of Topeka. This is my third visit to this dealership since the car was purchased (it was purchased at another dealership). I have to say, every experience I have had at this dealership averages out to awesome. The head of the service...
  13. Miss_Athanatos

    2015 SportWagen TDI MT Only

    I'm only really interested in TDI owners with manual transmissions chiming in, though everyone's welcome. Just sayin'. Are any 2015 SportWagen TDI MT owners going to keep their vehicles in original condition? If you got the Phase 1 part of the "fix": 1) How long in time have you had the...
  14. Miss_Athanatos

    Is this unique?

    To my recollection, my average calculated MPG is right around 50 over the life of the vehicle. However, as the summer fuel mixture has come out, I'm back to seeing 60 MPG and better on the computer readout. Today I saw 69.6 MPG over a 35 mile drive, mostly highway. Is this what other people...
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    Mercedes-Benz 300d

    My bestie was telling me about a fellow he worked with at Associated Enterprises. This fellow bought his wife a 1980's Mercedes-Benz 300d because he pretty much did not want to have to buy another car for 30 years. He wanted a long-lived reliable vehicle for his wife. His wife merrily drove...
  16. Miss_Athanatos

    Diesel tank filled with gasoline

    I have horrible, terrible news. After service, the dealer's techs filled my brand new 2016 truck's diesel tank with gasoline. The truck engine kept surging on the road and so was brought back to the dealer. They ran it more in the garage for diagnostics, only later to discover the problem...
  17. Miss_Athanatos

    MPG on read-out drastically falls

    Hi, all, I was expecting some diminished MPG now that the weather is turned consistently cool and cold, however, I am observing a 10 MPG decrease on the computer with no change in driving habits. I am not using the computer to calculate the true MPG of my vehicle (there is an average 3 MPG...
  18. Miss_Athanatos

    SportWagen Transmission Phenom.

    Has anyone here noticed a phenomenon while up-shifting only to second in which you can feel and hear a slight crunching in the stick? I've not experienced this, but a friend with a Sportwagen has with increasing frequency.