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  1. Bora-chiara

    Well, KermaTDI seems to have closed up (but, not really). now what?

    I’ll agree with the trustworthiness or lack of it from Kerma. I’ve worked with Aaron at Cascade German since the beginning and some from ID parts has always been good to me. Also, no, never heard of the OP
  2. Bora-chiara

    Any Phoenix gurus?

    I don’t know about guru but I’m east valley in queen creek. I have vcds and I’ll do dsg service, belts, pumps (ALH), clutches...
  3. Bora-chiara

    White Tdi Eurovan in Mesa AZ.

    I’d love to see your conversion. PM me and we can meet up.
  4. Bora-chiara

    6 speed conversion kit

    Hey everyone, bump for an update. Greenje, what’s the status and solution for you? How is everyone else getting along with more miles now? I’m seriously considering this but also cautious as previously mentioned.
  5. Bora-chiara

    WTB Vag-Com

    Hey, I have one that is good up to the MK4, does not read CAN bus. It's an authentic version. text me with an offer, it's just been sitting around so just let me know what you think. 208-995-6996.
  6. Bora-chiara

    ALH MKIV Build Parts Firesale - SF Bay and shipping

    I'm sorry I missed it for the ALH thermo housing. Where did you get it originally?
  7. Bora-chiara

    WTB: Flywheel, smf

    I have a used SMF but I can't find any printed part numbers on it. Send me a text 208-995-6996 and I can take a picture of the bolt pattern for you tonight when I get home.
  8. Bora-chiara

    White Tdi Eurovan in Mesa AZ.

    Dang I haven't seen this guy! I've seen a few mk3's though recently. What color is your golf?
  9. Bora-chiara

    Malone tuning response time??

    I'll always back with Malone tuning. The honest, reliability and excellent tunes. I've had 6 TDI's over the years with Malone tunes and I couldn't be happier. I'm exclusively dedicated. On a Saturday even when Mark was late for a BBQ, he was online chatting with me while I was having an issue...
  10. Bora-chiara

    MK4 Grey Interior

    No leather, sorry those went into my other MK4. They are cloth. My B5.5 has grey leather...but I have to hold on to that set!
  11. Bora-chiara

    MK4 Grey Interior

    from a 2000 Jetta, all grey interior I have the seats, all trim, door cards and deck lid. Not including the center trim around the shifter (broken), carpet. The drivers seat has some small wear and the door cards fabric has separated from the panel. Offer any price, just really to cover...
  12. Bora-chiara

    FS: Various EGR parts, (ALH,BRM,BEW,BHW)-PD Tandem pump-vacuum solenoids

    Various EGR coolers, pipes: bew egr cooler 038131513AE $50 SOLD bew upper egr pipe 038131521ca $45 brm egr cooler 03g131512ad $75 bhw egr cooler 038131513s $100 alh egr cooler $75 bhw lower egr pipe 028131521ad $20 brm egr pipe 03g131521r $75 bhw upper egr pipe 038131521cb $75 alh lower egr...
  13. Bora-chiara

    Clutch change procedure G60 and DMF flywheels

    I just did this and I did NOT remove the flanges. Getting the transmission out was hard with the passenger flange on as the DMF is thicker than the SMF. For installation, I removed the 3 bolts holding the lower control arm from the ball joint and had a helper pull the axle out and away from the...
  14. Bora-chiara

    Before I tear the dash apart...

    I've had this too, it's the heater core. Take your time and give it all day on the schedule.
  15. Bora-chiara

    Race pipe with anti shutter

    Subscribed and me too for the PD150 manifold!
  16. Bora-chiara

    HOW TO: A4 Intake manifold cleaning

    Unfortunately with the design of the A3/B4 manifold and EGR being together, it's not recommended you use the fire trick...starting with the A4 that's the only way I do it! Back with those ones, I had to scrape and soak and take to the pressure washer. It's not worth the risk of damaging the EGR...
  17. Bora-chiara

    VW Won't Attempt to Regain Diesel Leadership in US; Many TDI Models May Never Return

    Last night was the first time i've sat in the back seat of a MK5 Jetta. I was impressed how much leg room a 6'3" tall guy had with the front seat pretty far back. Not AS much as my B5.5 but pretty close! The BRM gets better mileage than the BHW too.:rolleyes:
  18. Bora-chiara

    VW Won't Attempt to Regain Diesel Leadership in US; Many TDI Models May Never Return

    AGREE. AGREE. AGREE. I'm interested in LOOKING/TEST DRIVING a chevy but I would never buy one. BMW beautiful but out of my price range now. Merc...they look like designed to be toys for children. I agree with the E, it seems Merc hired some design people who just recently were caught working...
  19. Bora-chiara


    I would agree with the strut mounts. Also, its not that much more to do an entire suspension refresh including LCA bushings (might as well upgrade to the solid TT bushings), ball joint, torsion beam bushings.