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  1. vwztips

    Random no start issue

    Hello all been a while since I posted. Been playing with my Tiguan TDI conversions lately. However my son still has a 2005 Passat TDI wagon in the family. It's a 5 speed manual, deleted and tuned. He has put 30k trouble free miles on it since the conversion. That is until the past 3 months...
  2. vwztips

    2013 oil leak

    Hello all, have a 2013 Passat TDI with 160k miles. recently developed a decent oil leak on the firewall side. Cannot determine where it is coming from. Underside of turbo is clean. Any pointers would be appreciated
  3. vwztips

    FS: 2006 Golf GLS TDI 5 speed manual

    Listing for a friend. Will not find a cleaner example of this year and model. Great low mileage, fuel saver car (has gotten 600 miles on one tank of fuel on trips). Turbo diesel, 5 speed manual transmission, fun to drive and has good power. Solid, low maintenance vehicle Reason for salvage...
  4. vwztips

    FS: DSG transmission from 2011 Jetta TDI

    Have for sale a DSG transmission from a 2011 Jetta TDI. Code is MSV. 6 speed. Has 100k miles on it. Just serviced it. Still installed in car and can drive it. Also has a Malone tune on it good for 550nM. Asking $1250.
  5. vwztips

    Tiguan TDI 4mo - DSG or manual?

    In the Fall of 2018 I found a wrecked Jetta with a CJAA and DSG and parked it for a future donor project. In the Spring of 2019 I picked up a 2012 Tiguan SEL 4mo with a bad motor. Installed the running gear from the Jetta to the Tiguan. Everything is running and working as it should. Now I...
  6. vwztips

    FS: 2000 Jetta TDI and 1980 VW Pickup/Caddy

    Have for sale a 1980 pick up truck and 2000 Jetta TDI Has a 1.8 liter motor from a 1985 Cabriolet. Has new clutch and 5 speed manual transmission. Has dash and gauges from same Cabriolet. Body and interior is in good shape for a 1980 vehicle. Engine and transmission are just sitting in engine...
  7. vwztips

    FS: 3 Passat TDIs

    For sale are 2 VW Passat TDI sedans. I serviced these cars before with timing belts, etc. Below are details 2005 Passat, Silver with grey leather, 425k miles. Geared balance shaft, last timing belt changed around 410k. Automatic rebuilt by local, well known shop. Runs and drives good. Good...
  8. vwztips

    BHW for projects

    Hello everyone, if you are thinking of installing a TDI motor in something and need a starting point with parts I have a listing here:
  9. vwztips

    BHW engine, converion and clutch parts

    Hello everyone, just in case you are thinking of converting your Passat from automatic to manual or need a motor, clutch or other misc parts, I have a listing here:
  10. vwztips

    FS: Passat TDI BHW engine, clutch, conversion parts

    Selling my spare parts used for the BHW TDI engine and conversions for automatic to manual conversions. All prices plus shipping. I do travel to mid west Virginia often and can meet if needed. BHW short block - Block has pistons, rods and crank journal caps. Pistons will need to be soaked as...
  11. vwztips

    Partingout 2011 Jetta

    Pulled the CJAA, DSG and harness. Mostly what is available are tail lights, trunk lid, right doors, right door mirror. Has beige interior. Also brakes, rotors and suspension available Located in Greenville, SC
  12. vwztips

    Radio code issue

    Not sure where to post this and a search didn't provide anything. I needed a radio code for a Monsoon head unit for a B5.5 Passat, so I called my buddy at the dealer and his normal access point for radio codes was grayed out on the screen. So he could not get a code. Neither could the...
  13. vwztips

    FS: 18" rims fits 5x100 and 5x112

    Have a set of aftermarket rims that were on my Audi TT. The rims have 2 sets of bolt holes which can fit the 5 bolt VW's and Audi's from 1998 to date. Specs are as follows Diameter = 18" Width = 8" Bolt pattern = 5x100 and 5x112 Off set = 37mm Center bore = 65mm but have the adaptors for a 57.1...
  14. vwztips

    FS: Passat wood trim package

    Have for sale a complete set of wood trim for a B5.5 Passat. Also have a perfect wood shift knob for an automatic transmission. $125 shipped for everything
  15. vwztips

    B5.5 Sedan Tinted Tail Lights

    Professionally tinted. Have had these on my daily driver for several years. In great condition and really look great on the car. $150 plus shipping for the pair
  16. vwztips

    FS: 2004 Passat TDI 4Motion manual wagon and 2004 TDI sedan in SC

    I have 2 Passat TDI's for sale. The first is my 2004 Passat GLS 4Motion TDI wagon. Stonehenge grey, with grey cloth seats (heated in front) List of things I have done are: BHW engine from 2005 Passat with 124k miles Stage 2 tune from TDTuning (Mike and Marin) DGW 5 speed Quattro with new...
  17. vwztips

    FS: 2004 Passat TDI GLS 5 speed swap in SC

    Combined with other Passat I have for sale here:
  18. vwztips

    GMR (bad) transmissions for free

    Hey guys I have 3 of these which were pulled for various reasons to install manuals in their place. Going to haul them to scrap yard unless someone wants them. They are free, but you have to pick up. LMK ASAP if interested.
  19. vwztips

    FS: JL Audio Stealthbox for Passat

    Has 10" JL Audio sub built in. FIts in back passenger corner. This thing hits as hard as you want and takes up none of the main usable area in the trunk. New it was over $600. Also have a JL Audio 250/1 mono amp to drive it $250 plus shipping for stealthbox. $350 plus shipping for the...