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    rough idle and driving with oil light on

    I own a 2003 jetta tdi with alh engine. I hit a rock and about 15 minutes later oil light came on while driving. Pulled over after driving few miles at low speed to see what was wrong. Noticed cracked oil pan and no oil on dip stick. Towed car home. Replaced oil pan and put in new oil. Engine...
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    cruise control not working properly

    Ever since I had my Jetta MK4 converted to a manual transmission, the cruise control does not work properly. 1st thing in the morning as I am heading down the highway, the cruise control works perfectly fine. After about 30 minutes, the "reset +" stops working. I can press that button a million...
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    car dead

    Ok, I was driving on the highway and suddenly my 2003 jetta tdi with 540000Km lost power and dead. I tried to restart it and the starter only went "click". I checked the timing belt and it looks to be ok. I pulled the glow plugs and one appears slightly bent at the tip. It pulled off the...
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    automatic to manual transmission swap

    Does anyone know someone who will do an automatic to manual transmission swap on a 2003 Jetta TDi in the southwest part of Ontario?