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  1. Tin Man

    Hot new GM diesel for European Cadillac CTS

    Cadillac to Debut GM's Powerful New V-6 Clean Diesel GM’s first production application of innovative, closed-loop combustion technology Cadillac CTS adds engine to its portfolio in 2009. Low emissions, high performance and excellent fuel economy. 184 kW/250 hp, 550 Nm (406 lb.-ft.) torque...
  2. Tin Man

    1965 Chevy Impala SS Duramax hot rod on biodiesel with the Governator!

    Yeah, pimp my ride! Enjoy! TM
  3. Tin Man

    FS: 2002 NB GLS TDI 5 speed Platinum Grey Black Leather

    I live in North-West Kentucky and am putting our platinum grey/black leather 2002 Beetle GLS up for sale. Its got 146,xxx miles on it and runs great. Used as long distance commuter and daily driver, my wife drives it now and wants something to replace both the SUV and Beetle that has an...
  4. Tin Man

    Newest JD Power 3 year reliability puts VW near bottom again

    Details at Sigh.:( TM
  5. Tin Man

    Sustained policy incentives, carbon taxes will widen alternative vehicle use

    Nancy Stauffer, MIT Energy Initiative May 30, 2007 Imagine a vehicle that runs on hydrogen or biofuels and offers the same features, performance and price as today's gasoline vehicle. Will it capture half the market? Not likely, concludes a new MIT analysis. Not even if it's three times more...
  6. Tin Man

    Will there be a new diesel Suburban?

    Such a vehicle, in 1500 form (not for the heavy duty set) would satisfy the needs of large families, IMO, and would sell like hotcakes if it could get around 25 mpg on the highway or higher. Mercedes sells 2 SUV's with that kind of mileage, but in the $50K range and with only about 14 cubic...
  7. Tin Man

    Jay Leno's Garage: history of diesel

    Just found this video: Enjoy!
  8. Tin Man

    Daimler aims to introduce selling Smarts

    My only question is what lawsuits play in Mercedes' decision on whether to bring the Smart in. Gut feeling? People will sue DC for bringing in an "unsafe" car. Just hope this is not the case, but I know that our over-regulated, suit happy land of the free and home of the brave has not had a lot...
  9. Tin Man

    Diesel additives and longevity

    How about an unscientific but interesting poll about additive use: you can check all of the types of additive you use. Those that use additives with more than one purpose can check off each purpose. TM
  10. Tin Man

    Editorial captures logic of fuel economy and biodiesel well

    I don't know if this is the best place to put this article, but it was too good to miss: Editorial "Clearly, becoming less dependent on foreign sources should be among the West's - and most especially America's - most urgent priorities. But not in the way that President Bush and Vice...
  11. Tin Man

    Is there a "free market" for oil?

    Is there a \"free market\" for oil? has a very comprehensive and balanced view of what the words free market mean and how they are commonly used. It is a very good read. Thoughts anyone?? TM
  12. Tin Man

    New regulations proposed to change CAFE

    NY Times article web page shows the difficulties of trying to satisfy everyone. It changes the rules by dividing vehicles according to class/size but continues to have DECREASED CAFE for larger vehicles. If they read my posts they would see a better proposal: make it higher cost to own the...
  13. Tin Man


    Interesting points were made in a closed thread on Techron additives that lead me to ask the readership what their view on additives is currently. [list]
  14. Tin Man

    World Oil Shortage and a plug for Diesel "What can we do? More efficient diesel automobiles, and greater reliance on wind and nuclear power, are well-engineered solutions that are available right now." Full editorial: What Happens Once the Oil Runs Out? By KENNETH...
  15. Tin Man

    VW Expects $1.3 Billion U.S. Loss How can they lose so much??
  16. Tin Man

    E320 CDI update

    Just got over the 14,500 mile mark and no problems. Got a recall on the brakes - apparently the four circuits can fail and go back to too much pressure on the pedal to stop, may cause and accident. The trip today finished at 35.7 mpg with an average of 32 mpg over the tankful. Was on a back...
  17. Tin Man

    Wanted: NB TDI automatic

    I'm looking for a green one, but red, black, or tan would also be good. Nice to have it with a spoiler, CD changer, and heated seats, but heck, in today's market, can't be fussy. Please e-mail me with info. Thanks.
  18. Tin Man

    When to replace the shocks?

    At 101,000 miles, I have just replaced the tires after two sets of Goodyear RS-A's with Michelin MXV4's. The old tires had cupping in the back with no misalignment and made lots of noise. The front wore unevenly and especially in the middle even though I kept the tire pressure within spec...
  19. Tin Man

    TDI Index!

    Thought this would be amusing for you to see: a "Total Delight Index (TDI) from a consumer group called "Strategic Vision" Note, the Golf and Excursion made the list. With a diesel, they must even be better! VW TDI's: Total Delight Index winners...
  20. Tin Man

    "Why not a 40 mpg SUV" article

    Interesting reading is at: This article shows technologies that seem better than current hybrids and claims significant improvements using existing electronic and other technologies.