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  1. 1854sailor

    Coolant loss and overheating, what's the solution?

    I monitor both of ours with ScanGauges and have never seen a significant rise in coolant temperature during a regen on either car...
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    HOW TO and do-it-yourself threads
  3. 1854sailor

    Headlight Question

    Update for today. Downloaded and installed the latest version of VCDS and ran an Auto Scan. Module 55 showed no faults. I ran the adaptation reset with the light switch in all three positions and there is no change. Running the Output Tests and everything works and I can see the lights move and...
  4. 1854sailor

    Coolant loss and overheating, what's the solution?

    Agreed. I find that coolant temps tend to rise more in slow traffic than at speed even with a loaded roof rack. Slowed down by a couple of accidents and road work on the trip down from RI to MD last week, the coolant temp got up to ~215°, once rolling again it came down to what I consider...
  5. 1854sailor

    2021 TDIFest Discusion Thread

    Oh, the fish boil. Some of the nastiest bony fish that I have ever eaten.
  6. 1854sailor

    Headlight Question

    Well, nothing was broken and the electrical contacts were clean in the connector. I removed it, sprayed it with PB Blaster, exercised it through its full extension and reinstalled it. When it was reinstalled and plugged in, there was no change. I'll try the VCDS adaptation again tomorrow...
  7. 1854sailor

    Headlight Question

    No. I'm going to jack the car up and check the leveling sensor.
  8. 1854sailor

    Headlight Question

    20103 got me in but, after resetting the adaptations, nothing has changed... Also noticed that the right headlamp is aimed lower than the left and, when I run the function test, they move horizontally but not vertically.
  9. 1854sailor

    Headlight Question

    Tried doing the reset, but got this error message...
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    My '03 2D Golf 5 speed

    Still looking to get his TB done after 12 years??
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    Which tie rod brand to go with?

    It's just the internet and sarcasm. Everyone has their opinions...
  12. 1854sailor

    Off Road Diesel/Home Heating Oil Cetain Level?

    Same fuel; the only difference is the red dye...
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    Scammer thingy.

    Someone needs to post the original message so the mods can block the sender.
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    Headlight Question

    I have the horn beep turned off as I think it's annoying. Just one of my quirks, I guess, as I can hear the lock click when I press the button on the fob. Do the headlights work now as the beep has returned? Wondering if they were related...
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    MK4 Shifter Rebuild Kit

  16. 1854sailor

    Headlight Question

    Ran an Auto Scan as well as checking out the headlight controller (#55) and there were no fault codes...
  17. 1854sailor

    Headlight Question

    Planning on doing that tomorrow. Just thought I'd put it out there in case anyone else had the same issue...